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Banfield Pet Hospital / negligent and unethical behavior - they caused the death of our english bulldog

1 Salt Lake City, UT, United States
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On april 13, 2018, we took our fur son in for a routine teeth cleaning/vaccination at the west valley, utah facility. He was a little stressed when we dropped him off so we asked them to check his breathing. An hour later the vet leaves a voice message and said she is not doing teeth cleaning due to stressed breathing. She tells us we can pick him up in ~2 hours then calls an hour later and says get here quickly. When my husband arrived a vet tech was doing cpr, and the vet was pacing the floor. A second tech was injecting fluids. My husband could see the vet tech was tiring and no one was switching off with her. He ended up switching off with the vet tech administering cpr all while the vet paced the floor and said nothing (my husband mimicked what the vet tech was doing as he is not trained in animal cpr). Our dog was never intubated which is a must for bulldog breathing problems. The investigating banfield rep said that the vet stuck him "in a kennel next to her while she worked on another dog" and our dog aspirated and dropped in the kennel. She could hear him and see him and she did nothing. Also, the banfield rep told us that our dog "was probably already dead before my husband arrived and they just went through the motions so that we would know they tried to save him". When my husband arrived, our dog was not intubated. There was no cpap machine anywhere in the area.
In speaking with the banfield rep he claimed our bulldog was intubated. My husband argued this point since he was there and assisted in cpr. Mind you, the vet stated in her report that they were doing mouth to mouth resuscitation... With a cpap? Really? Her report never mentioned that my husband did cpr on our dog either. There are many discrepancies in her report that we never received answers for.
In an effort to understand what transpired, banfield offered to do an x-ray. We got a copy of the x-ray (she took 2) and took them to a bulldog specialist. He tried to read the x-rays, the x-rays were so blurry the only thing he could confirm was that our dog's trachea was normal.
The vet who practices at the west valley, utah facility stated in her report the following: "difficult to assess radiographs due to patient size". A full vet hospital should have the capability to perform x-rays on any size animal. She also mentions that there was fluid on his lungs. This happens normally when cpr is performed on anyone. The rep, when questioned about the legibility of the x-rays said "the machine may have not been working properly that day". Wouldn't a functioning hospital have more than one machine?
Banfield pushes quantity for $ not quality care. The vet didn't know what she was doing with a specialized breed. Banfield's negligence caused our dog's death.
Do not risk your dog's life! Do not sign up for banfield wellness plans or take your dog to banfield. They don't care about your fur babies, they care about money and how many animals they can move in a day. They are a corporate entity that thinks they can shut up anyone by throwing blood money at you and paying for cremation costs. If you love your pet, do the right thing and take them to someone who knows what they are doing and truly cares about your fur family.

Sep 27, 2018

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