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Been with Banfield for the past 4 years. Had a wonderful vet. Just found out they fired her. She has been the best vet we've ever had. I am so sad about this. We are friends on Facebook, she is such a classy lady and isn't spreading the word around. I've stopped the wellness plans for our 3 dogs & will go where she is once she finds work. There are other reasons, basically the same as listed here! Every person has their own reasons for disliking them but this is the icing on the cake for us. I'm locking in another year for one dog unless I pay $400 to get out of my contract that just renewed.. grrrr.. wish I'd remember this. Had the plan with Dixie for 6 years now.. oh well, live and learn

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  • Sn
      Sep 11, 2010

    I recently set up an appointment at Banfield in ATL for a 5pm appt for what appeared to be an ear infection for my 8 yr old chihuhua. After sitting in the waiting area until 6:30 (closing time 7), our regular vet was closed and this was our first visit. After taking him into the back the Vet came in and said there was not only an infection but also a tumor in his ear. He said his ear canal was closed and showed me the tumor on a diagram while quoting the price of surgery and selling the wellness plan for discount on the procedure. In my pet's best interest I set up an appt for the suregery after they had to restart the computers because the workers had closed for the day. All the while I hadn't seen my dog since we were brought in until after I paid. Along with the fact that my dog had a wellness exam with his regular vet of 6yrs a month prior I brought him there 2 days later for a 2nd opinion. Needless to say they brought in a video scope and went into the canal and said there was no tumor just build and inflamation from the infection, they showed me as oppossed to telling me with now idea where my dog is. The $50 follow up saved me from the $1500 quote for the surgery initially suggested. A week later his fine and well, if you are like me and our pet is part of your family, be cautious and seek a second opinion. I've been to Banfield one time and that was the last.

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  • Re
      Sep 11, 2010

    I found Banfield vets in Portland Or to be the worst vets I ever visited. They are incompitent and very unprofessional. I would not ever reccomend them or use them ever. This was in [protected], so you can see they have been terrible forever. I think this was the original office since it is located 2 blocks from the Banfield freeway here in Portland Or. They really do suck!!!

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  • Kn
      Apr 16, 2011

    My 5-month-old GSD was on the Banfield "plan." Took him in 3/23/11 for a limp (after he had escaped and was missing for 12 hours) and he was diagnosed as having "pano" without X-rays or bloodwork. We were told by Susan Valashinas that it was unrelated to being out, if anything the overexertion caused the inflammation. We were also told by Valashinas (owner/vet) to rest him on Rimadyl and Tramadol for 2 weeks and come back for x-rays if he was unimproved.

    We were told that on the plan our discount would put us at $479-$559 for sedation and x-rays. This turned out to be MORE than what we spent (a total of $456) at the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine Emergency Room in Raleigh for EMERGENCY care with an exam, x-rays with sedation, blood, neuro consult, and a week's worth of meds for home. This was also more than ANY OTHER VETERINARIAN in a 20 mile radius, including our local emergency clinic.

    After taking our puppy to another local vet, we were told that his case was severe and it was unbelievable that Valashinas diagnosed him without a workup. The second vet told us to rush to the Emergency Room at the Teaching Hospital over TWO hours away because it was that severe. Our beautiful baby was diagnosed with a L4-L5 compression fracture, which due to the 2-week delay, caused irreversible nerve damage and rear end paralysis. We now have to put him down, yet still continue to pay for our "plan" at Banfield. We are in the process of working with the Client Advocate Team at Banfield Headquarters to fix this. They are launching an immediate investigation into this veterinarian and we are also filing a complaint with the NCBVM (state board). Susan Valashinas also has multiple complaints against her that have been filed since she has been in practice.

    Two different vets (the local vet that we took him to when he worsened and the vet at the hospital) diagnosed the fracture on palpation. It was confirmed via X-ray, yet Valashinas *missed* all of this during her physical. Due to her incompetence, we are losing a member of our family. DO NOT TAKE YOUR PETS HERE!

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  • Me
      May 05, 2013

    screw banfield they are kids out of vet school with no confidence and hurt my babyboy when taking his temperature no other vet hurt him, never again, i wouldn't take a pidgeon there

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