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Banfield / unquakified per care

1 MD, United States Review updated:

October 2009 we purchased an Aussie puppy from a very knowledgeable and professional breeder Two days later we had her checked out at Banfiekd At the time of the visit they insisted that she had to be vaccinated even though the breeder (vet tech and nurse) had already done her 6, 9 and 12 week vaccination At the time she was 13 1/2 weeks We took her home and at first everything seemed fine Within a week this perfectly beautiful healthy pup had to be hospitalized and went through extensive tests and procedures as we fought to save her life. Tragically she passed away 3 days later We had only had her 13 days *3 in hospital fighting for her life) I contacted Banfield about the contract and they refused to allow us out Up to this we had already given them approx $500 1 prepayment to start plan, 1 for visit and 1 for ER care (of which they couldnt provide her the care she needed). The best they did was 50% of $300+ balance. Mounds of paperwork later we realized that she died from over vaccination The staff at our Banfield was so unsympathetic and acted like they could care less. We had had our cat there for 5 years only due to some huge financial bills previously and seemed ok w/ them I guess for me the biggest issue is their insistance of procedure - most vets will only allow 2 vaccines at a time I found out later and they hit her with at least 8 shots as well as heart worm and flea and tic As a side note they also gave her Worm Shield, any reputable vet is aware that Aussies can carry the MDR gene and heartworm is a red flag Our new vet will only allow Inteceptor Banfielld seemed to have no knowledge of our dog breed In fact the vet commented about the size of her feet and commented about what a big dog she would be I then asked her if she knew anything about this breed and she did not respond They do have large feet but only get between 50-60 lbs She thought she would end up 100+ I told my husband when I got home that that vet would not care for her again I did not like her Our debt for this was over $8, 000 and an incredible amout of heartache Never again!! Even our cat will not return I will eat the stupid contract costs, cheaper than vet hospital The sad fact is that we thought we could provide affordable healthcare for our pets but the reality is their costs are more expensive and their quality is poor It will be cheaper for us to pay out of pocket for our new pup vs contract and all the addl fees they hit you with Not to mention I feel more secure knowing we wont be looking at some astronomical hospital bill from Banfields ineptness. Just a side note we had not had a dog in about 18 years so we were novices to this whole thing it was only after all we went through all of thisdid we learn more than we ever wanted to about the risks etc of our pup. Really was crushed to find out that the Banfield vet was not the professional we thought she was and our trust in them was shattered.

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  • Ve
      4th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    sorry about your pet, but you cant really die from overvaccination, sure you can have a vaccine reaction, but thats 100% treatable and curable...nice try

  • Ve
      4th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    wikipedia is not a liable source for future reference

  • In
      22nd of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Actually a dog can die from vaccinations, if the reaction is anaphylactic, whether it gets 1 or 5 vaccines. However, the above story is complete BS--Banfield doesn't offer 8 different vaccines. Also, puppy vaccines are given in combination to decrease the amount of adjuvent given in each vaccine instead of giving individual vaccinations. Maybe your dog had a reaction to the vaccines given, or maybe your world class breeder doesn't have the best blood lines. You can't completely place blame on the vet in this one, especially if you can't even provide proper details to the situation.

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