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Banfield / bad judgement

1 Burbank, IL, United States

November 7 2008, I got a new puppy for me and my husband. Were so happy and wanted to make sure our puppy was healthy. So we take our puppy to banfield located in petsmart, I waited for them to call his name to see the vet they told me not to put my puppy on the ground because he could get sick so I said ok. They take me to a room and I waited for the vet, a man came in take my puppy and started to look at his teeth, feel his heart beat, and look in his ears. He told me my puppy was ok, he was in great health. I ask him questions and he anwser them. Then he said "the doctor will be with you in a min" I thought he was the vet but, he wasn't. The same man return about 10 min later and said the doctor was in surgey and will be in there for a couple of hours. He said I could leave and the vet was going to do the same thing he just did. I didn't want to but, I said ok.

When I took my puppy home all he wanted to do was sleep, he didn't act like a normal puppy, he just laid around. He only drank water and ate no food, his nose was runny. I thought he was just getting use to his surrounding. The next morning he throw up and was so out of it I call the pet store were I got him and they gave me their vet number, I took him only to find out he was really sick, and had a cold virus. Now my puppy is in the hospital and I don"t know when he is coming home, or if he ever will. Me and my husband are so heart broken. I paid banfield and they did nothing, what if I waited to long because they said he was fine!!! Going to them was the biggest mistake of my life. Now I can only wait...

Thank you for listening
N, h


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