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I have a personal account in the Philippines (BDO) we had filed a dispute case regarding unauthorized transactions since Sept 7, 2011 till OCT 12 2012 but to our stunned the bank declined our case without a valid proof of evidence they said that the atm card and pin number were matching, what happened was we are depositing the money here abroad while the deposit were been made on the same day using exchange houses here abroad withdrawals were done on the same day as well there were about 28 withdrawals which was also showed in the statements and passbook also there was one transaction done 2 hours ride from our city Dubai to Abu Dhabi how could that happened some of them were in diff places happened on the same day, we are very sure that the atm card was with us all the time the bank never informed us that this atm can be used here we were never treated well by this bank we lost everything all they can say that they cannot credit the money back to us I am very disappointed on this i am very sure that that i didnt created all those transactions this was my savings everytime i deposit at the same day or two it was being withdrawn how they can say its valid its an international deposit im being charged for everything pls help


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  • Li
      Jan 03, 2016

    I have an atm account dun nagpapadalaa ng pers mga anak ko nasa abroad.. so naipon ang pera dun nung one time mag wiwithraw ako nawala na lahay ng pers sa acoount then i called bdo i even go sa branch sabi nila iimbestigan daw ilang buwan na ang nakalipas wala news from them..then ttwagan ko ulit ssabhin wait lng daw ttwagan daw ulit ako ilang buwan na wala parin walang aksyon na nagganap..

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  • Sp
      Mar 29, 2016

    I wanted to signup for an online banking on my existing account with BDO. I filled up the questionnaire which I thought was fine but that is not the end of it. They have to contact me on the phone number I gave them, Unfortunately, when they called my cell 4 days later, I was at work and saw that there was a missed call and later found out from BDO's website that the number was from them. So I received an email that I need to contact Customer Contact Center in the Philippines. They gave me a toll free number to call because I will be calling them from the US. The toll free number didn't work so I bought a phone card the next day and called them. First I used my home phone to call but the person that picked up told me that I have to call them on my cell. I called them on my cell. I got disconnected twice and 1 hanged up on me (she couldn't hear me, I guess). I finally got in touch with someone after several tries and $2 left on the phone card. The person asked me questions which I answered but the cell reception started to get ugly. I cannot understand a word the person on the other end was saying. So I asked them to just email me the questions on the email address I registered with them. Anyway, they already know that I own the account that I need access to, because I called from the registered cell number and gave them the reference number they included on their email message to me. But he refused to email me the question or approve the signup. He said I cannot answer the last question he was asking me but how could I if I cannot understand what he was saying. I finally gave up and hanged up. Man, this is the worst online signup I have ever experienced. I cannot believe they are doing this to their customers. There's got to be a better way to do this how others banks does it.

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  • Ki
      Oct 11, 2017

    PURO SIRA NA NGA ATM MACHINE NYO! Down pa system myo. Tang ina my mamatay pero hindi ma withdraw yung pera pang hospital .. tang ina pera na namin yun! Bkit napaka hirap pa mkuha.

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  • Ce
      Oct 30, 2017

    I had a problem accessing my account (in other bank) abroad. So I decided to open an account with BDO, thinking that it would be better. I was very disappointed when I was applying for new account in BDO. I gave them my passport, drivers license, residence ID from abroad, and PRC ID, which were all legit. But still they have doubts, and started asking questions they even took a picture of me and the 2 customer service representatives were whispering in front of me.. very unprofessional! Is that how u treat a client in BDO? with no respect or manners?! So disappointing!

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