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Baja sent us to their repair shop first thing repair shop had bikes for 3 months then we go to get them they were not fix proper my 12 yr. old son had to put new pull starts on both the bikes and rust all over bikes where they were kept outside and got rusty carb.. damage and when talked and sent pics of bikes BAJA said they are not going to nonthing about it.. sorry was all they said I willnever buy baja products again and hope you read this and rethink your purchase of a baja products.

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  • Va
      22nd of Jul, 2008
    Baja Motorsports - Bad customer service
    Baja Motorsports
    2910 South Hardy Drive,Suite 103
    United States

    Since I bought this 4wheeler I've been having problems with it. Fuel line, ball joints, carb, electricial, batery, steering, brakes, bolts breaking off, lugnuts coming off, chain breaking.

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  • Wi
      17th of Mar, 2009

    my 150 has given nothing but trouble. Second carb. will not let it idle and can't find idle mixture screw that the book says to adjust. Just the idle speed screw. Thinking the best thing to do is saw it to small pieces and let the garbage man take it.

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  • Ss
      11th of May, 2011

    I've owned a Baja 400 ATV for 4yrs and had nothing but trouble with it. It took six months to find a repair shop and when I finally did the warrenty was up. As to this day I have not found a single repair shop that can fix my machine. The clutch shifter wass the first part to break. I have a hard time keeping the machine in forward gear. The only solution is to replace the gear bax assembly. Parts are not sold seperatly? This was my first ATV and I should have known better then to buy 'CHEAP'. If someone has any ideas on how to repair this problem and who can I would be very greatful for the information.
    Frustrated !!

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  • Hl
      17th of May, 2011

    Customer service has no clue what thy are doing, and the company no longer has parts for a 2005 baja dune 150. NEVER buy any thing from this company..

    BAJA MOTOERSPORTS is not the place to buy your toys.

    We called Blanche at Baja to order our parts an were told we would have our parts in about two weeks. Called a week later and was told by Jason that thy could not get the parts any longer..

    So I guess the best thing for me to do is make a boat anker out of my go-cart.

    Thanks Baja Motor sports...

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