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I purchased the baja from pep boys after one month of use the rear axel bearing went out, costing me 75 dollors to fix, per the company not under warrenty. I purchased brake pads in april costing w/ s/h $40, the brake pads lasted less than 3 months. The company does not warrenty anything longer than a weak. Buyer beware.

Buyer beware

IF you buy from baja motorsports you are investing your money in scrap metal... I have now lost over a grand... the simplest things strip out... a big 1 inch bolt that holds the clutch and sprocket the threads are gone along with about 10 other threads that are stripped. I bought it from tractor supply... i am not kidding you this thing is horrible..i have less than 5 hours on this thing and have owned it for a little less than a year!!! Thats how often this is broke down... LISTEN... junk JUNK junkJUNKjunkJUNK... BUYER BEWARE UR ARE WARNED!!!

  • Ro
    Ron Dec 15, 2008

    cant ever get ahold off them they just send you right to hold send the jap crap back stop selling it pepboys it makes you look like crap if they wont stand behind these quads

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  • Dj
    Dj Apr 22, 2009

    They have had my sons bike for four months waiting on repairs. We had trouble from day one and I totally agree that Baja is this point I would rather hire a lawyer...So what do you do? I threw over a thousand dollars out the door and cant explaine why santa bought a pile of junk.

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150 scooter

Dude, i also have the same cycle, but i did not buy it from (Pepboys) !!!
That was your first mistake!!! They are not motercycle experts!! They are car parts people, they pretain to be bike people, but they sell toys for kids!!!
They should not be selling bikes of that type to anyone, knowing damn well that they would be having big hassles!!
They are not honda, or yamaha, or suzuki!!! They sell scooters!!!
I purchased my scooter from a sporting goods store, were they do sell atv's and hunting vehicles, like the suzuki mule, and polaris atv's wich are very spendy, they have experinced mechchanics on hand that know whats doing with that sort of vehicle.
Sorry you are experincing such unessasary agravation with pep boys and your contract with your scooter. Next time reserch were you buy your next scoot, remember, its not the bikes fault, its the dummy who put it togethers fault! They did not do it right and you trusting that they did, bought it!!!
Motersports should honer there warrenty!! If not get a lawer and have him call the company,
They have to honer that warrenty!!! Its the law!!!
Don't that ###!!! Either make them take it back, refunding you your money, i hope you have your original recipt, most important!!!, or demand they should give you a brand new one to replace it!!
Im not a lawer, i just don't take any ###, or buy it!!!
We did this with a falty aquarium, and they shipped us a brand new one, becawse we had the recipt!!!
Good luck my friend!!!
A felow scooter owner,
Joanne famelio

  • Ol
    oldfart Dec 13, 2008

    Absolute Garbage bikes!

    I had two both didn't make it past 100 miles before they died the first time, and they never do stop needing parts and repairs. They look like other chinese scooters but are even lower quality than the low quality you would expect, and they don't honor any warranty work no matter what. Good luck if you are stuck with one, it's hell to get parts it takes hours on the phone and months of waiting on backorder all the time and many things aren't interchangeable like you would think with other gy6's.

    Even the repair tech told me this to my face when I took my dead bikes home they would not repair under warranty. They claim I either broke them or whatever, doesn't matter, they washed their hands of it. (Their words.)

    I hope you go out of business before you litter the world with your junk Baja Motorsports.

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baja atv 150 cc

I got two atv baja 150 cc from pepboys, i have electric problems and i bought all electric parts from baja motorsports in arizona, and nothin works, nothing fixes the problem, the atv only rins on battery power until it runs out, it is not charging the battery therefore its not running at all, i replaced all electric parts completly and its still not working

  • Jo
    Joanne Famelio Oct 16, 2008

    Did you try the altinaters?? they can be defective!!!
    and how long did you purchase the bikes??? if they are still under warrenty, they should pay to fix them!!
    or replace them, raise a big stink!!!
    thats a lot of money, and trust, especially to an auto PARTS shop, you should have gone to honda, or kawasaki, or suzuki for those type of bikes!!!
    NEV ER an auto parts store for an atv!!!
    also try the battery termanals, they might be fryed!!!
    good luck!!!
    Joanne Famelio

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  • Ri
    Rich Berg Nov 09, 2010

    i bought the same quad from pepboys it runs good but we did have a hard time getting it started like u. Me and my dad got a new bartery and it runs great and then it would just stall but then we took the carb apart and cleaned it out andfound out the little box was up side down and had to be flipped because it didnt bounce up and down and the pin was stuck so we got that fixed . it runs great and never had a promblem ever since . U should try that. Good luck!!!

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  • Co
    Codecracker33 Dec 09, 2011

    How much does it cost???????

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Just excuses

I have called several times to get my db30 fixed, and all I got was excuses. Or tips on how to fix it myself. When we got it home, the brakes were locked up and when at idle the clutch would engage on its own. Scary. Or while riding a dead cow sound would come from the bike and it would stall out. And it had oil pouring out the breather. They said it must have been rolled over real bad for that to happen. Well it was only an hour old. And it had not been wrecked. Now it has oil still pouring out the breather, gas pouring out around the block, horrible noises coming from the clutch, and they basically told me to kiss off. Not their problem. And were rude as *** on the phone. NOT THEIR PROBLEM. Well do not buy anything from Baja. They suck ***. 400$ all together with one year extended warranty for motor. And its only four months old. 09-04-08. so much for the kids having a bike to ride.

  • Sc
    Scooter Outlet Aug 31, 2017

    We carry all Baja Motorsports parts in stock... Give us a call at Scooter Outlet (915) 820-2563 We will be more than pleased to help you out.

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bad product

just bought my grandson a baja blitz mini bike, never has gotten to use it. came looking good totally...

Don't use them

Not but 2 days ago, I bought a DB-30G from ***'s Sporting Goods and It ran perfectly fine the first day but the next, Blue smoke started coming out of the exhaust(burning oil)and the spark plug would be black every time I took it out which was like every 5 minutes, meaning that the oil from the oil tank was leaking into the engine and causing overall ***. I have tried to contact the Baja Motorsports customer service line numerous times only to sit on hold until I couldn't take it anymore and just hung up. The retailer I got it from won't take it back so now I am stuck with a P.O.S. bike that has an oil leak. If anyone has a direct contact line to the customer service (meaning skipping all the waiting) please share it with me. Thanks.

  • Ke
    keith david martin Jul 28, 2008

    the retailers say they don't take any of the junk from baja back..even if it never runs..they got me.

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Unreliable, unsafe, poor quality

The issues with my scooter range from the rear view mirror defective from the date of purchase, the seat lock on the scooter can not be locked as it will not re-open this is of another defective part from the date of purchase of both scooters.

With both scooters it sounds like the engine or transmission is not working properly.

We have already paid for a complete lock set for my husband scooter plus the charge of $35.00 for putting a new lock on the seat of my husband scooter, due from the date of purchase the seat locks malfunctioning on both scooters. Know my husband has to deal with two different locks for his scooters and only one key for the ignition on his scooter. Poor business

We have had these scooter for a little over two months, paid over one thousand dollars per scooter, having nothing but issues and problems with the scooters having defective malfunctioning parts on these scooters.

Both bikes have fallen over on three different incidences, the bikes are not safe using the side kick stand, with this happening the right brake gear broke and needs replaced.

We should not have to pay for any of the defective items stated above that are on order or have to be ordered.

Since our purchase in May, 2008 we have had nothing but problems with the bikes and still to date waiting for parts. What kind of satisfaction or service does Baja call this? According to the BBB – Baja is rated extremely bellows standards and it is really a miracle Baja is still in business.

  • Li
    Lisa Watson Aug 26, 2008

    My Baja Motorsports sc 50 scooter has had a range of problems from the start. Baja Motorsports never fixed all ofthe problems. They never will. They refuse to honor the warranty, refuse to stand behind their defective merchandise, andhave left many customers out in the cold, with defective and dangerous scooters.

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  • St
    Steve from Raleigh Nov 23, 2008

    Jesus God - The first one I got the throttle cable broke on day 1. Brought it back got another, the speedo cable broke on day 2. Otherwise it was used hard until hit by a truck and totaled at the one year point. Replaced that one got another, needed a massive retune at 1 month. Followed by a broken engine case around the kickstand. Replaced that one, just got a broken right side crankcase cover. It's non fatal and if I pull the magneto off the other one and remove the right side crankcase cover and put that on the other one I will only have to bring it in for a retiming.

    These are crap and I hope the people who designed this trash die riding it someday. BajaMotorsports should burn in hell.

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No answers

I bought it a month ago at the local dealer on sale with a discount because it was missing a clutch lever and a screw on the rear side panel, no big deal right. So I replace those and the bike won’t turn over and has no spark. I discover the battery was missing so I go back to the store and they give me one that doesn’t fit.

The store also told me they tested the bike and it ran? So I hooked the battery up and next thing I know the bike starts smoking, not the motor the electrical. So I stop everything and head back to the store. They tell me I'll have to take it to the service centre.

So at the service centre they tell me the electrical system is gone and not one Baja sold doesn’t see there shop. They order the parts and wait. Three weeks later the service centre noticed they fixed several other bajas that came in after mine and they still didn’t receive my parts so they call. Oops, they forgot to ship them. I also just bought a used one for my wife and have spent more time working on it than riding it. Not to mention I order replacement parts from Baja that didn’t work. Still trying to get it resolved.

Defective product

My son was given a 49cc SC Scooter for Christmas in Denver. After 100 miles the throttle cable broke.

You have got to be kidding! Of course he has a 90 day warranty and this was not part of the motor plan coverage that good old Pep Boys convinced my friend he needed to buy.

Baja doesn't have the part, says it needs to be on back order for 6-8 weeks, can't contact their assemblers in China to find out the length of the cable so we can try and locate one ourselves and worsens the whole situation by insinuating that this is part of wear and tear.

  • Pa
    Patrick Jul 08, 2008

    I also bought a sc50 from pep boys, and the throttle cable snapped at about 100 miles. I've been really lazy about getting the part after going through the exact same motions you have. has the part you need in stock sometimes, and its only about 20 bucks. There is a local scooter store near me in Athens, GA called Recycle that has the part I need and the only reason I am fixing it is so I can sell it. Hopefully that might help you

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  • Li
    Lisa Watson Aug 26, 2008

    My scooter is in teh shop for the SECOND time in a year because of a snapped throttle cable. THe repair guy says they are on backorder. I figure so darn many defective scooters out there are breaking, there's no telling WHEN the parts will come in. Baja Motorsports has bbeen VERY uncooperative since day one when I got this scooter and found it was defective!!! They refuse to fix stuff all the time, even when it's defective upon arrival!!! My scooter has had so many problems it's sickening!

    They should be sued! If I hazd the money I'd sue them in a heartbeat!

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  • Si
    Simoun Oct 04, 2008

    me too i bought a baja sc50 scooter, i got mine from the states, i live in calgary, canada. After 100 mile the throttle broke. Now we are thinking to take it to a mechanic shop, see if they fix motor scooters Because my dad checked it he wasn't sure were the cable was connected in order to reach it.

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Non Responsiveness of Developer - Investors left in the lurch

This developer, along with the US promoter, real estate network, Marshall Reddick, have not been responding to inquiries concerning the status of the two developments that the developer has taken investor funds. These are the Baja Golden Beach resort and San Felipe by the Sea. The lack of transparency and communication is cause for concern. We are looking for other investors in these deals to network with and discuss alternatives.

  • Km
    kmd Aug 19, 2008

    Add Playa Del paraiso to the list of projects gone awe

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I paid for a sc50 scooter in oct. 2007 it is april 19 2008 before I got anew one they at pepboys could no even fix the bike. I only rode the bike 7miles. I tested the new one but I worried how long will it last I only ride it 2 days out of a month. I am friends with a lawyer and he told me if I have any problems he put in a class action suite and take their company away. He has friends in Washington and az. C. Jackson

p.s. Any problems with baja e-mail.

  • Sn
    SNOWMAN Apr 20, 2009


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