Baer's Furniture Naples / furniture damaged

Naples, United States

We had ordered a house full of furniture. Our Bernhardt leather furniture from china came damaged. Baer's policy is they send a repair guy out to fix it. You can not return it. No return policy. Buyer be aware!!! We ordered five book shelves and a desk and evey piece came damaged. We told Baer's to take it back they said no. They sent a repair guy. He gave an estimate of 2-3 hrs to repair all the damage. Seriously, we did not buy used furniture. We called and wanted at least 1/2 off. They said only $400. I wanted the president of the company to come and look at this piece of furniture by Hooker and honestly tell me if he would buy it off the show room floor even for half price. Once again we wanted new furniture, not furniture that was damaged! The customer service department kept blowing us off. They said talk to your sales person. In turn she said you need to take it up with corporate. That bounced around for about four weeks. Finally we called our credit card company and disputed the claim. The credit card company reversed the charges because they gave Baer's 15 days to respond, they never did. A company that doesn't stand behind there product, the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. It's sad to know that quality isn't something to stand by these days. Stay away or be prepared to take a long journey of a company that could care less how much money you spent, or that you have damaged goods and it's not there problem!!! I would have been out of business along time ago if I operated like Baer's.

Aug 20, 2014

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