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Bad Boy / Complete disregard of customer and lies

1 Toronto, Ontario, Canada

On june 13, 2012, I purchased a ge profile washer and dryer (Sales bill no: f 129817) from you. Washer model ptan 9150 mww and dryer model ptmx 910 emww, at a combined price of $1098.88. I also purchased a solid gold 50 month extended warranty for an additional $199.99.

The purchase agreement was made at your store located at 1255 finch ave. , west, north york, on m3j 2g4.

The salesman described these machines as being the best buy for the buck, he said that the spin cycle of the washer was so good that the clothes came out practically dry. He said that when the wash was put in the dryer it would take very little time before the clothes would come out completely dry. He also mentioned that his daughter had recently bought the same pair of machines and was very pleased with them. Finally he mentioned that if the machine could not be fixed it would be replaced by a new one of equivalent value. This clinched the sale and we agreed to purchase the machines.

Upon using the machines we discovered that all the talk from the salesman was just devious and crafty sales talk because neither machine performed as claimed. The clothes did not come out of the washer practically dry and the dryer took longer than an hour to completely dry them. The washer started doing erratic things like function lamps staying lit after the wash completely ended etc. , and finally on march 1, 2015, it broke down with a wet wash still in it and the door locked. I had to unplug the machine from the recepticle in the wall before I could get the wash out. I had to put the wet unwashed clothes in the dryer so they wouldn’t start to smell.

I called the service department but could not get through. We finally heard from someone on march 3, 2015 and an arrangement was made for a technician to come and check the machine on thursday, march 5, 2015. My wife had to cancel everything she had planned to do that day so that she could be home when the technician arrived. Late in the morning he called that he would not be able to make it and we should call the service department to re-schedule.

Again we had to go through the annoying and tedious routine of trying to reach the service department with no success so I sent them an email. A new appointment was made for the following thursday. This time the technician showed up and checked the machine. He mentioned that it would require several parts and he will submit his report to his department who would have to submit it to bad boy for approval. This took about two weeks and finally we were informed that bad boy had approved the ordering of the required parts.

Three weeks went by during which we had been taking our wash to the laundromat. Then we were informed that the parts had arrived and a service man would come to install them. He was scheduled to come on tuesday, april 14, 2015. He called that morning and informed my wife that the parts he was given are not for our machine so he will not be coming. How he knew he had the wrong parts without coming over to check the machine I don’t know. Anyway we are now back to the beginning as over two months have elapsed and we are no further ahead.

We are so fed up with your gross negligence and complete disregard for your customers’ convenience or your promises that we would like you to take your machines back and give us a complete refund.

May 2, 2015

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