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Backpage / women seeking men dating posting ads

United States Review updated:
Posting ads on backpage under women seeking men is getting ridiculous. Within the last three months I noticed the ridiculous changes that aren't helping people who want to post on backpage and have to pay for this by the way. First thing I noticed was I was only able to write a small sentence describing myself. If I didn't write it small enough it wouldn't post. One short sentence. Second thing I noticed is backpage required a link to my facebook page which is an invasion of privacy. Lastly which is the most ridiculous is they require us to submit our phone numbers. Which is unsafe and a complete invasion of privacy. What the heck is that all about? We should have an option on whether or not we want to post our phone number or not.
Dec 5, 2017


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  7th of Dec, 2017
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Seriously !!! The same [censor]ing thing is happening to me it’s pure [censor]ing [censor] !!!
  10th of Dec, 2017
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They're dying, sadly. It was great while it lasted, but it'll never be the same. We were their bread and butter, and they treat us like dog shot, anyways. It's just time to move forward, and find another place to post. They judgment mismanaged their site, committing tons of unnecessary crimes, and we're paying for it all. You'd think that they would make it easier for us to give them our money. We're not trafficking children. We're safe, using protection, and servicing an undeserved, willing group of people. Yet, we're paying for mistakes that the owners caused. It's time to move on. Backpage is becoming Craigslist.
  10th of Dec, 2017
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Sorry! I messed that reply all the way up. Ugh. You can't edit here, but hopefully you get my drift.
  15th of Dec, 2017
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Sadly this is just Back Page covering their behinds~ because no one is going to scroll down & open every number to find someone, they are just going to move on, to other sites with full ads. The only thing you can do is, get your own personal website & enter the link into the social media link. DO NOT! list your Face Book page, unless you want everyone to know your a hoe, plus it will contain all your personal info, like your real name, age, nothing worse than telling your client your 25, when your really 45 with good looks. If all fails, just get a job, no need to sit at home hoping client finds your number, out of 200 numbers..
  18th of Dec, 2017
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@Chris Cobb One can set up a fake Facebook, doing professional body rubs IS a real job. The ones of us that are well established, people can find. It's just another site to find to post ads. It happens every few years to find a new site. I don't SIT at home, I walk my dog, set up my massage table, pay my bills. I find your comment insulting.
  18th of Dec, 2017
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I can only put in my phone # and a pic or two. I've advertised for body rubs there for years. My buisness is a real job, I take it seriously. Yes, I had to make up a false Facebook ad to continue. Plus, I took off my phone # off my REAL Facebook to protect myself and family. It's time to jump ship, backpage like Craig's list is going down. It happens every few years. What site is next? We will follow.
  16th of Apr, 2018
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@Michelle105! What's up
  17th of Feb, 2018
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As women we must always think about our safety first and so backpage thinks this will help. With so many of us getting raped or killed by crazy perverts from backpage or craigslist they have ben forced by government to the new security measures. Safety first!
  21st of Feb, 2018
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@Earlybirdgetstheworm well as long as it don't send us to these other sites where u tell us there free there not. But I do believe in being protected.even for us men. it goes both ways. so what's on ur agenda?
  21st of Feb, 2018
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I disagree with this sight where they want us to pay like $7.00 but now they have my credit card enfomation. and. now. it takes. a act of Congress. for me to get it off.
  15th of Mar, 2018
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  15th of Apr, 2018
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@J1983! Wussup

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