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Ive been a backpage member for over 6yrs Ive had one add flaged yrs ago and recently every add ive posted has been flagged I sent emails. Wanting to no why they keep flaging me and still no response each post cost me 20.00 for it to be flaged roght after posting. I should be credited sense no one wants to tell me why they keep flaging me My adds are up to code so are my pictures and for all the xxx post out there nobody seems to be flaging them. Id like some answers and well my 60.00 put back on my account.

Jan 04, 2017
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  • Ka
      Feb 26, 2017

    Please route this to customer service and systems administration.

    I have had several of my ads flagged maliciously. You do not have a grievance or appeals process for flagged ads. Why not?
    You're stealing my money! You are providing a service that ANYONE can cancel without any type of merit, filtering or evaluation that would allow you to recognize malicious flags.


    I want every ad that's ever been flagged back into my account. I should not have to pay you money because you have a flawed system.

    EIther you have a really horrible systems admin, who is lazy, or you are stealing my money!

    Darling Chloe

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  • Co
      Mar 14, 2017

    @Katrina Vanderveen Did you get already any reply from backpage customer support or did they solve your problem ? Im into the same situation, sent several emails but up till now, nothing from them.

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  • Co
      Mar 14, 2017

    Did you get any reply from Backpage CS? I also have problems with some of my ads, i sent several emails to Backpage CS and up till now, nothing from them. They are a scam!

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  • Ea
      Apr 30, 2017

    The same thing has been happening to me for months - I'll post the exact same ad multiple times, and then randomly one of them gets removed. I'm following all rules and ToS. I guess we can take it as a compliment, because apparently so many ppl fear us as competition that they flag our ads, lol.

    But seriously...when I first began posting to BP, they would always return my messages within a few hours. Now, I can't get them to respond to ANY message I've sent them over the last few months. As soon as I spend the rest of my credits, I'm never posting to the site again, unless they fix this. It's theft, it's a scam, it's illegal, and I hope more people start hearing about this.

    In the meantime, I'm only spending $2 on each ad, and instead of having it automatically moved to the top, I post a new ad myself. It's a pain and we shouldn't have to do it, but at least if I have an ad magically removed, I'm only out $2.

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