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A&W Restaurants / order mix-up

1 Kimberley, British Columbia, Canada

Hi there.

I was driving between Edmonton, Alberta and my home in Kimberley BC yesterday October 27. I hadn't yet tried the Beyond Meat burger and was excited to pick one up somewhere along the way.

Driving through Okotoks, I pulled into the A&W drive-thru and ordered my lunch (small fries and a Beyond Meat burger). The person on duty asked if I would like cheese. As I have been vegan for two years, I declined and asked if you had vegan mayo. She said "No, but I will make sure we leave the mayo off". I thanked her and pulled through to the pickup window.

The clerk at the pickup window asked me if I was waiting for a Mama Burger with cheese. I said "No! My order is for the Beyond Meat burger, no cheese!" She said "Oh! Ok!" She took my money, took a bag from the staff member behind her, stapled the recipt to the bag and handed it to me. I thanked her and left.

As I mentioned, I was on the road and started heading towards Black Diamond. I nibbled on my fries first, and it was 20 minutes or so before I pulled the burger from the bag and started eating. I took a bite, and then another before I felt the texture of both meat AND cheese and spat it out on my lap. It was the Mama Burger with cheese. I pulled over, vomited what I had swallowed, and took a couple of photos.

Now, I realize that mistakes happen, and want to be clear that the staff members I dealt with were very pleasant. But I was obviously very distressed by the incident. It was so exciting to have a vegan option at A&W and I was so looking foward to it. I purposely did not pack a lunch in anticipation of enjoying the Beyond Burger.

I haven't eaten beef in 30 years or dairy in two years, so this kind of mix-up is very upsetting. Normally, I would have brought the product back to the store it was purchased from, but this was not an option as I was passing through to BC.

I have attached a photo of the receipt, still stapled to the bag, and of the partially-eaten burger. I would like, at the very least, to be compensated for my meal. I would still like to give the Beyond Meat burger a try, and promise to check my order before I leave!

Finally, I want to thank you for branching out with this product and to suggest that you start offering Hellman's vegan mayo and maybe some vegan cheese (such as Chao or Earth Island).

Thanks for listening, and I await your response.


Pam Skinberg

A&W Restaurants
A&W Restaurants

Oct 28, 2018

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