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On September 3rd 2008 My wife and I went through the drive thru of this restaurant and ordered our food> I specified hot fries please. When arriving at the window, I was handed my drinks, as I handed them to my wife, one of the lids were not on securely and dropped out of my hand, poring of over my floorboard.The employee saw what happened and said, I will have to charge you for another drink. I said just give me some ice then. Then got our food. Some fries were hot and some were cold in the same package. Then when I got my chicken strips They were hard as a rock and very dark in color, as if they had been under a heat lamp for hours. So I came out of the drivethru and walked immediately into the restaurant and complained about my order. They did give me a fresh order of fries and chicken strips, but with a very bad attitude. My wife had always went to an A&W Restaurant in her home town of Anchorage, Alaska nearly 40 years ago and insisted it was a great fastfood place. I have never seen such rudeness before!!!

Mr, Richard Lentz.

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  • Ra
      Sep 22, 2008

    I was in the city, Prince Albert, with my mom and we went to get a burger for on the way home. We went through the drive through and had to say our order a couple times until they got it. Then we they gave us our milkshakes there was milkshake all over two of the cups and it was coming out of the top. We had to wipe it off so that would stop spilling on our pants. no one was behind us so we cleaned it up. It took most of the napkins. Then they opened the window and told us to leave because they were supposed to do it in 60 seconds and we were taking up time. Then we went to get our fries no ketchup, not salt or pepper. Personly I think that if they had taken the time to do it properaly and nicely it would have taken about 60 seconds. If they are getting payed they should at least do there job properly. We have other problems at A&W!

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  • Ce
      Aug 20, 2009

    Worst service in drive thru ever... took 15 mins and still no service. Left without buying anything.

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  • De
      Aug 21, 2009

    Only lazy people use the drive thru

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  • St
      Mar 15, 2013

    I visited this a&w in Port Hardy BC and ordered a chicken dinner for my family. When we got the food home we found that the fries were very old, there was no white meat in the two buckets of chicken and the coleslaw was old and weeping.
    We took the order back down and when the manager came out she told me "You are a problem so get your food else where from now on" she didn't even allow me to talk or anything. is this how it's supposed to be?

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