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A group of us went for coffee at A&W in Sylvan Lake,Alberta.We ordered coffees and the girl put them in styrafoam cups, I asked for glass, she said it was beach front and they could not use glass. I said ok picked up two coffee to take them to the cream-sugar counter and almost dropped them they were so hot! The sleeves were not put on at the till. As I turned one of the older men from the group was walking towards me when his hands started to burn and he ended up with Hot coffee burns all over his hands. When I told the staff they needed to put the sleeves on at the till they said the manager wouldn't allow it as they were to expensive!! I did ask to see the manager, and was told she would be right out, she never came!! BAD BAD service!!


  • Jo
    joek Feb 11, 2009

    Had similar or worse experiences here in Prince George, B.C. where I had complained many times until the Owner told me in no uncertain terms that I was complaining too much (over a period of two years) and rather them correcting their Problems that I should find another place to eat.
    I will mail a a full detailed report to the A&W Headquarter to give them time to assess and respond before I publish further Details.
    I am demanding a Letter of apology.

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  • Sn
    snappi Jun 14, 2010

    My husband I stopped at the A&W in Vanderfoof, B.C. as we have often done in the past several years. We have had on several occasion discovered that our fry boxes we only half full and sometimes cold but this past Sunday took the cake. When we place our order at about 7 minutes to 7 pm we were told that they would be closing at 7pm for a staff meeting. There was a line-up of people ordering and we not only got ours after others but we did not get our order. Just as I was pointing that out to the girl she said they must have given our order to someone else, and then the fellow came back with our order. He left the building with our order and went through it and it also looked as if half the fries were eaten and cold. I told the girl this and she stated that they could make more but everything was turned off. I was mortified! I didn't want food that other people had mauled before I got it and I wanted a whole order of fries not half. There was no offer to make this right and I am really angry. I have had a few issues in Prince George as well at the A&W on 5th Ave. Nothing gross, just missing things in my order. I think A&W needs to do some clean up. I will be going to talk to the manager next time I am in Vanderhoof for sure!

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  • Ml
    mlydolly Jan 15, 2011

    Lastnight my boyfriend and i went to a&w on robson and howe..mainly cause the last time i went there they were clean the food was cooked good but lastnight totally changed my mind, im pregnant and its a real pain to have eaten a burger that was not thoroughly cooked..when i think about it..it really was the first time i seen the a&w's environment so filthy..and i probly shoulda took that sign to not eat there..plus they only had 2 workers on and it was close to closing..even if its close to closing they shouldve cooked that burger longer.grrr... ive been getting sick from 6am till now 4pm..and hope it doesnt require going to the hospital..if i wasnt pregnant it wouldnt make me so upset..but this sucks..a&W used to be my favorite place.

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  • Su
    Sugar1968 Oct 04, 2011
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    At a&w, Vernon bc beside superstore, pulled into drive thru, was told "wait a sec " I waited then asked " what do u want" ordered got to the window, no words exchanged, handed her the money, she practically threw change back, got my shake, and was told "have a day ", , , , , , ? ???? This was at 235pm Tuesday oct 4 2011, , , , , ,

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  • Hu
    hungryasonecanbe May 11, 2012

    ###ers just charged me $4 for two baby burgers while one chick was wearing a mask and the other was coughing to no end - the one that made my burgers... I'm out $4 and still hungry - anyone have the number to call to complain for at least a refund??

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  • St
    Stavros bfh May 25, 2012

    I have a serious complaint about "Rick" in Kamloops, on the North Shore, Fortune and Tranquille outlet. This happened 3 weeks ago on a Friday the 4th of May . I was lied to and coerced. Rick told me to leave the parking lot when he had no right to police the lot and no reason to tell me to do so for it is not his property and there was no cause. I was there to complain about treatment by one of his staff members. And a person cannot complain about a person who has a complaint that must be listened to. Rick is the "DUB" Nazi. His staff are A & W diplomats and have a responsibility to the customer when they are in the store working or not. I have been a faithful customer my whole life and deserve to be treated as a customer first, and we are always "Right".

    I was out side listening to the news when Rick came out and interrupted my broadcast of the Prince George fire related deaths in my home town. Rick came outside obviously angry and says a few things so I turn the radio off.

    His words were. “I want you to go I saw it all on the cameras.”

    “I don’t like the way you treat the girls.”

    “I am suspending you from coming in the store for three months.”

    “I want you to leave the parking lot.”

    I said. “What are you talking about, I did nothing wrong.” “I came here to eat and what was I deserved to be put out by losing my appetite by the way that I was treated by your staff member.”

    He says. “When the girls are working…” “Then you shouldn’t be…”

    Now I do not know why he is pissed for he does not say but I have to ask for a reprieve. And I have to ask for a second chance, it gets to the point where I am begging him to let me stay and explain, plus not to have my service cut off.

    I said. “I don’t deserve this, I came here to make a complaint and it is not fair for you to complain without hearing me out first. I have to have a chance to say my say.” For he will not let me dignify myself and keeps cutting me off like I am an employee or his lackey. He will not allow for me to respond.

    He claims that Terry was behind the counter working, and then I knew that I had caught him in a lie and that he had not reviewed or seen the camera footage/display.

    When I say that Terry was not working he invited me inside but not before I had to ask several times to be given a chance to defend myself. He kept on speaking over me and would not validate my comments and responses.

    We go inside and sit down with Fran present. He says.

    “He has heard the ‘rumors’ and ‘the talk’. “ When the girls are busy, When Fran is busy, don’t ask for a bag, or a slip haz sign. The girls in the drive are not to be bothered”

    I only do these things when I think that there is a break or a need that is not my fault but some other customer’s. I do not know that they are speaking to a drive through person and how would I?? I forget that the headset is on. Nor do I have to remember for I am just a customer that is concerned and trying to assist not cause trouble.

    Rick said. “That he was robbed at MacDonald’s and someone got knifed and killed and other things that caused him stress and to be careful at work with certain people, stuff about his ex-wife and how he treats her’.

    Who cares? This is Kamloops it is safer here and we are not talking about that sort of crime with me.

    Fran was upset about when I came into the kitchen and gave her an evil glare and wanted her help. She was busy so I came back later and I apologized to her for the offense for she has been a friend for the last 6 ½ years. Every time she had a fight with her husband Jeff I was there to help and when he punched holes in the walls I came over to fix and fill them for no payment.

    I expect an apology from Rick for the lie that he told me and the treatment he gave me. I would like to have my lunch paid for and some other compensation for the embarrassment and discrimination.

    All of his employees have an obligation while in his store to be polite to all the customers not just a select few for that is an offense worth firing a person for unless they are justified which was not the case. Weather they are working or not they are still dignitaries of A & W and have to be diplomatic to everyone while they are in the restaurant.


    Stavros Heibey

    Known as Steve

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  • Iv
    Ivan Stephen Feb 07, 2013
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    A&W is building a massive number of identical locations in Ontario. This chain doesn't seem to have heard of "climate change" - or it really doesn't give a damn. They claim to be concerned about environmental issues such as energy usage, but are building stores with a large amount of unnecessary lighting. (Meaning that they cause air pollution and climate change, as well as creating excess nuclear waste). When I spoke with one of the people in charge of their building projects, I was met with completely ignorance.

    Since the government is not setting real environmental standards for companies to follow, the only solution is to boycott A&W and any other companies which are similarly irresponsible.

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  • Do
    Donna Dumenko Jan 28, 2015

    But they have money for tv commercials. Don't they? The service and food has gone bye bye. To bad.

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  • Ma
    Mandy A Hebert Dec 14, 2016
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    this is what i got when i ordered a chicken wrap tonight WTF IS THIS


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