Avon Products, Inc. / poor services for their reps

Johanneburg, South Africa
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I ordered things on Avon as I usually do on monthly basis, I received a box sealed and with my invoice they actually charged me things that were not even packed in the box, each item was 139.99 each broucher price, I immediately called them to alert them, they said they will include them on my next order, I can just pay. I did that, but spoke to my team leader, and emailed her information so that I can be credited back, she promised to do it . I received them on my next order but they charged me again, I cant pay for something double when it was received once, I did many follow ups with the sales team leader but no luck to date, its almost two months. and this will affect my credit score. I would rather leave it than have my name be dragged on mud

Aug 10, 2016

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