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Basically I signed up to become an avon representative because I believed it would be a good way to make some extra money, however I soon found out that it was a lot of work for very little reward. I was often called by avon sales representatives selling products to me, to which I said I was not interested. However during my holidays in 09 I was sent reese wetherspoon perfumes, which I could sell to make money, however I had not asked for the products and had declined them being sent out and explained that I no longer wished to be an avon representative as I no longer had the time. I was not sure about what to so I left the products in my room untouched, after a while I had noticed on my avon account that I had been charged 30 pound for the perfumes, so I rang up avon and said that the products were still here and if I sent them back, would that take the charge off. They said that would be no problem and that they would send a driver out to collect them on a particular day. However on this day he did not turn up, and I had also been charged a 10 pound late payment charge for not paying the 30 pound charge for the perfumes. However the 30 pound had been taken off but I still had the perfumes in my possession. So I rang up again and told them what had happened and they said they would send another driver out on a particular day to pick them up, he also did not turn up and a couple of days later I received a letter saying that due to not paying the fees they had black listed my credit rating, obviously at 19 this isnt a very good thing to hear, even at any age. So my mam eventually decided that as they werent taking me seriously that she would ring up, as black listing can cause problems when I want a mortage or to lend money later in life. She rang up and they said they understood the issue and that for the 3rd time they would send someone out to pick the perfumes up. I was extra cautious and put the perfumes (Which were in a box) on the step so if I missed him he could just take them, luckily I had done this because he came a day earlier than the schedueled date. I was told that he would give me a bar code from the products so that I could prove that they had been collected, however because he had taken them without me there he had just left a calling card to say he had picked them up. So I rang up avon and explained and she said that was fine the account would be cleared. However I have checked my account today as I wanted to make sure and had found out that they have recharged me 30 pound for not sending the perfumes back. This is still ongoing and has been since august last year.
I advise anyone thinking that becoming an avon rep really not to bother, it has caused me more trouble than it is worth and could effect my future, over 30 pound, which I had refused to pay because it is such a unfair way to get money out of people. At 19 I dont have money to pull out for avon, and have stuck by it as this was not my fault. They really do try and scam u out of money, my avon leader who was meant to help me has because more of a hindrance and refuses to help me in any way. People nowadays find it so much easier to buy off the internet so why will they wait for an avon rep to get around everyone and take a week or so to have their goods delivered when they can order off the internet and have it within a couple of days. I never made more than 40 pound with avon, and I can safely say it was not worth my trouble!!!
Dont become an avon representative, it really isnt worth it!

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      21st of Feb, 2010

    Very interesting. It seems that Avon has the same problems in the UK as it does here in the US. I became an Avon Rep for the 2009 Christmas season. I was also an e-rep for a short 3 days, until I was almost scammed out of $1200, which Avon doesn't tell you about in their e-training modules. (This is a very well known scam) When I called Avon, for help, because I thought I had a virus on my site as well, they told me to call my ISP. (Real support!!) Every order I received, had some kind of screw-up. There were shortages, overcharges, wrong product #s, etc. in addition, everything comes all jumbled together, so it takes hours to separate and check off the items that belong to a particular customer. i called my regional leader - a few times no response. Never did speak with her directly. I sent an item back to them for credit in Nov. They charged me shipping for this. i just received a letter from GA telling me they never received it. How can they bill me for shipping charges on an item they never received back? Not only is Avon support terrrible, but they charge for everything. They charge for catalogues, they charge for samples, they even charge a fee for placing an order with them. The rep pays all the marketing, administrative and fuel costs, and Avon collects a hefty profit.
    What I particulary resent though, is the fact that they outsource all their customer service calls, have a new VP of sales, who is foreign, and love to talk about how the company is for women, by women - when the majority of their top Executives are male. (check out their website).
    In closing, I would like to say that the final straw was when I decided only to worry about ordering anything more from Avon, until I wanted to place a small order for myself. My account was completely paid up, and I don't have the time to waste placing orders with them for little or no profit. Well, last week I received a totally unsolicited order from Avon, along with a bill for $9.00. The order was for catalogues, which, I found out was placed by my "leader". When I complained about this via email, the leader informed me that a "helper" transposed my account number for another, and so the order was sent by mistake. This was an outright lie. I was told by Avon customer service that the leader placed the order, and I had also received an email that my account was in danger of being closed because either I had not ordered, or I was past due.
    Well, I wasn't past due, and they don't have the right to close my account for inactivity, so I emailed my leader that I would close my account when I wanted to do so, and that I expected her to come and pick up the items she had sent me, as I wasn't going to pay for shipping them back. She left me a message that I could keep the items, or use them, and she would make sure I got credit. I did get the credit on my account, but I won't be surprised if I get rebilled for the $9.00. Also, i want to keep my account open until I'm positive. If there is any bad reports from Avon on my credit, there will be real trouble. I think Avon is reprehensible, and that they should change their motto to "a company that emploits women."

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      30th of Mar, 2010

    While I am glad I am not alone with my thoughts and concerns about AVON I am sorry that there are others out there like me! The final straw for me was when multiple customer started having allergic reactions to products and I was expected to refund them in full for their returns (regardless of how much product is left in the contianer AVON stands behind the return policy) That sucked for me with little to no profits from all of this and now I had to dish back to a customer $100+ dollars. So yes, I did the online EZ return and got some credit for the product (not what i refunded)then after talking to Customer Service more than 4 times (ps theyARE outsourced - that was a kickin the ### - Nice American Company huh?!) I decided to return everything I had from AVON using this same method and I UPS'd it all back - I got a letter 3 weeks ago stating that the products I had returned were not received in yet and that I should return them! Well I checked the tracking number with UPS and it shows delivered! So AGAIN I had to call CS in INDIA and talk to someone who simply follows a computer script and had NO CLUE how to help me other than to tell me to wait for 6 weeks after the ship date for my full refund. My blood pressure is now through the roof - there is no way to get adequate help - my local people are idiots and know less thatn I do...They didn't know the Customer Service was even outsourced! I do not understand how this continues with out some form of investigation!

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  • Mo
      26th of Jun, 2010

    After many years in and out of Avon I learned a few things.
    Don't bother with the fast talk of making big $$$.
    Don't bother with up line, down lines and getting others to sign up. As for the web site for your Avon at $15 a month its a waste.
    Don't buy anything on the demo sheets unless you can really resale it, gift it or actually want it.
    Your first 4 when you get 40%-50% off buy 100 plus books and take them out. Tossing books in drive ways and in yards is so wrong. Use the door hanging bags.
    Get Avon brochure parties going and make it work for you.
    100 places on line list "where to leave a brochure"
    Avon is a job... Just like a job its an 8 hour a day.
    If customers buy the basic, skin care, bath, shower, hair and body stuff than buy up extra when its on sale.
    Do a print out of 100 uses for skin so soft oil and 50 uses of Bubble Bath.
    Any new perfume or bundle items out, put a sticker on those pages 5%-10% off. Make the brochures work for you.
    Use free advertising... Put a sign up in your yard "Avon".
    It take 1-3 years to grow any business. There no quick start up. I been back in Avon for 10 months. $650 in debt... Finally in 2 days almost $200 in stock items out the door sold. Thats from just 2 customers !
    1 more month Im out of debt.
    I keep a shelving unit with the basics.
    Basic are what people buy every month at any store.
    You can always back order for lower prices.
    You can skip 2-3 orders without being dropped by Avon.
    Yesterday a customer wanted a watch $35,
    I got it in another Avon brochure for $12.99 and she ended up buying over $100 off my stock.
    All MLM they never tell you the facts.
    Its recruit, buy it all and sell.
    After a few months you quit.
    I hope this helps others from what i have learned from errors.

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      31st of Oct, 2010

    Couple things:

    1) AVON must be run as a business, as any other business. Do not invest in bags, tons of brochures, demos, samples, etc. until your business grows or unless you have funds up front to invest. Check prices of franchises and other businesses and see what costs there are. AVON's are very, very minor in comparison, plus oyu don't even need all those things to get started. Use brown paper lunch bags or recycled bags form the local grocer. Brochures have scratch and sniffs, so no need for samples. Create your own flyers using images from AVON's website pages and distribute those with creative offers. Search online for samples of flyers (Microsoft has free ones to download in Word, edit and print.

    2) Don't handle costly returns. Send the shoppers directly to AVON:

    Customer Service:

    * Customer Service email: [protected]
    * Product Information Center: 800-445-2866
    * Customer Service: 800-500-2866
    * mark™ Customer Service: 866-633-8627

    You are not required to handle everyone's messes, so no need to clean them up. Just tell the people you are not set up for processing and handling the funding of them directly.

    3) Find more tips like these with online searches.

    Hope that helps!

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