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Avon Canada / avon gives you bad credit ratings for no reason

1 Canada Review updated:

I am writing this letter in response to avon's irresponsible mismanagement of my account. I joined avon in nov 2001, due to the persuasion of the team manager that since I ordered a fair amount each month I may as well get my discount. I wasn't able to order every month so I attempted to cancel my account in sept 2001. So when I recently received a letter from nco financial services in the amount of $17.71 owing to avon, naturally I was shocked as I had discontinued my account. As of sept 2002 was the last letter I had received from them.In the letter on aug 2002 they had sent me a letter stating I owed them the amount of 46.79, naturally I mailed them a cheque in the same amount and they had cashed it so naturally I ignored the next letter they mailed to me in september 16 2002. So when I received the letter from nco I was really dismayed. On further investigation, I had to call the avon local manager 4 times and she only responded once and recommended I should phone long distance to montreal to speak to the collections officer at avon named diane. I diligently phoned and after 6 calls her response was that I owed this amount as they sometimes billed you later for certain item and the amount owing was a reflection of this. She also pointed out that she had also mailed 3 other letters after september 16, 2002, which I did not receive and neglected to tell me which dates they where because obviously I did not receive any of the 3 letters. So naturally I had asked her to resend me one letter which she rudely replied that since I already had received 3 letters she couldn't do anything for me until I had paid the amount owing of $17.71. So I phoned the nco financial services who at first suggested I figure this out with avon, but due to the unco-operation, nco suggested I pay the amount to them otherwise I would get a bad credit rating. So in the end I paid the amount owing $17.71. Which is not a big amount so why am I complaining? Well avon supposing is such a big company and I had to phone 6 times and they only had 1 collections officer working for them with no toll free line. Also I asked diane at avon if they had proof that I received the 3 letters, they said no, yet they can still send your account to the collections agency. There is no way to contest or even make your complaints known since they make it awfully difficult for you to complaint. Even when you get a parking ticket you have a venue to dispute you case but when it comes to big companies with guns you have to surrender.

  • Roesca Mosepele's Response, Aug 11, 2017

    Reason for not being able to buy products on credit as Avon seller
    Complaint Rating: 100 % with 1 votes
    I have been selling Avon for more than 5 months now as a cash buyer.I want to know when do I qualify to buy on credit?I love selling the products but since I am using my salary to buy stock for my customers it's a challenge for me I even think of quiting.

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  • Kh
      4th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    I AGREE!! I to had an AVON account and it was over due, I made arrangments and continued to pay it off. They (AVON) still sent me to NCO, who continue to call 5-6 times a day!! When I return the calls the woman I get is VERY rude, yelling at me about how STUPID I am and that I must pay off the account NOW, just a real peice of work. And I haven't even missed a payment!!!

    It goes to show how AVON represents itself, if this is the kind of company the choose to do the collections, like I said, I know I should have paid my account on time, but I wasn't able too, but I have continued to pay it every month for the last year straight never late and I still get told I'm STUPID from some Collection agency, who refuses to let me speak with the managment even there.

    AVON & NCO should be ashamed and I plan on putting in every complaint under the sky against and tell everyone I know what a joke AVON and NCO is, a company for woman ...YEAH right but they sure like to abuse them too maybe that should be thier REAL tagline!!

  • Je
      18th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    I am actually commenting in regards to NCO. They keep calling me over something I ordered from Publisher's Clearing House and refused to pay since it fell apart. I bought those Zorbees towels that are supposed to be machine washable. They fell apart in the washer. PCH didn't credit me for the item and instead sent me to NCO for 24 bucks. I sent part of the towel along with a letter explaining why I refused to pay it. They sent me another letter stating they decided I still owed. I again told them "What part of I refuse to pay for a defective product. You have proof as I sent some of the remains to you." I am tempted to mail them the both torn up towels. They won't stop calling me even tho I have told them to stop. Many times they just have a dial tone left on my machine. I wish I could shove those towels somewhere.
    I do not have these issues with AVON and never have.

  • Lo
      13th of Jun, 2011
    -1 Votes

    I'm from Canada and have had my face burned badly from using Avon's Anew Ultimate Emulsion night cream. The one with the tiny gold sparkles in it. This product contains AHA (glycolic acid) and when I woke up in following morning, my face had red blotches which by the end of the day, covered all my cheeks and up to my temples. It was burning red and itchy. By next day, my face was swollen beyond recognition and there were tiny water blisters covering my face which kept bursting. It was not a pretty sight. I missed several days of work due to this and still have red cheeks. It will be a week tomorrow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I won't be scarred for life due to this mishap.
    I emailed Avon from the contact page on their website and am not very hopeful that I will hear from them. Any advice on how to pursue this with Avon? Have you heard of any other such cases and were they successful with their lawsuit?
    Thank you for listening

  • Jn
      18th of Aug, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I too have been screwed by AVON Canada!!! I was an Avon rep for a little over 4 years and it wasn't till the last year that I started having major issues. I had orders partially shipped to me (which is the norm for popular items), not to mention wrong items...colors of makeup were incorrect or they would send me product I never actually ordered!!! When calling Avon to inquire about these items I am told to send them back and that they will send the correct items to me with my next order. Well there is a catch when sending crap back to Avon it is that I would have to pay the shipping to send the items that were shipped to me in error. I said to the customer rep that I thought this was wrong as I wasn't the one who shipped the wrong items to me in the first place!!! The shipping of the products back to Avon would have cost me more then the product was worth!! Errors continued on, at the time I was making excuses for Avon's [censored] oh it is Christmas and they are busy, roads are bad trucks are behind...ect. Once I made the final decision to stop with Avon completely (late January) I called Customer Service and told them that I not longer wish to sell there prodct. I am then told by Customer Service that my online access will automatically be stopped after not ordering from them for so long. I never heard anything from them!! Not even a phone call or a final bill in the mail!!! So thinking that I was squared up with Avon as I could no longer get onto my online account with Avon to be able to check if I owed anything, I assumed that after a couple months that I didn't owe a dime and went on with my life!! I work a normal job Mon-Fri and not once did I come home to a message from and Customer Service Rep from Avon or Collector stating that I still owed any amount of money!!! August 17, 2011 I receive a final notice letter in the mail from a collections agency in regaards to my Avon account. This letter stated that it has hit my credit and I owe this money ASAP!! I call the number on the letter and spoke to a rep there and he tells me that there have been several atempts made to reach me via phone and snail mail. I explained to him that I am the only person that would get messages/mail and that there was never any messages left or mail delivered from Avon or any collector looking for the balance due on my Avon account!!! At this point I am getting really mad as he is telling me that a whopping $60.00 is going to affect my credit and it is my fault as I didn't pay my bill!!! I made arrangments with the collector to pay the amount owing, I am told to wait 10 days after the payment has been made and to call them again to request a release form. The release form then needs to be sent to Equifax to clear the bad credit from my name.
    I am a single mother and thought that by joining Avon I would be able to make a little bit of extra money. I will not recommend the selling of Avon to anyone I know!!! I thought I would be the nice person that I am and give all my customers to another Avon rep that I knew but I have decided against it!! I have told ALL my former Avon customers the issues that I have had to deal with and the BS with the collectors and I can say for the most part that none of them will purchase Avon products again including mysel[censored]

  • Le
      12th of Mar, 2012
    0 Votes

    What a relief to hear that I am not the only representative that has been screwed around by Avon! they sent my account to a NCO as well, with no phone call or letter from Avon stating they were doing so or why! and whenever I tried to phone Avon I would get transferred to a machine, and my calls were never returned. When I did finally speak to someone, which was a supervisor, I had asked for proof that I owe this money. She refused! She finally said she would send me an invoice by fax in three days. When I received the invoice, it had no proof of what I owed, it was just a statement showing the payments I had made. The woman I spoke to said I could pay the amount owing bit by bit.
    They told NCO (the collections agency) that I had 60 days to pay in full, or my credit will be ruined. This was not the agreement made with Avon. When I phoned them today, repeatedly until I spoke to an actual person, they said there was no record of this agreement! They said I have to pay $150 a month until this debt is cleared.
    I still don't know how or why I owe this money, and feel very uncomfortable paying money when there are no hard copies of anything for my to refer to. I feel as though my hands are tied. All I can do is spread the word on my horrible experience and advise people to never buy Avon products.

  • An
      22nd of Oct, 2012
    0 Votes

    Another rep screwed over by Avon here. I am fuming! It is unbelievable to me how badly Avon Canada treats their reps. Unfortunate too, because I actually came to quite like their products, but I just cannot do business with this company any longer. I became an Avon rep in February 2011. I left the country for a full-time job in the U.S. at the end of May 2012. I knew that I had some money still owing on my account, but wasn't sure exactly how much, and so continued making payments into June 2012 for what I thought that I owed. At the end of June, or maybe early July, I tried to check my account balance online, but my online account was deactivated (I assumed due to the fact that I hadn't placed any orders in a few campaigns) and so I couldn't check there. My husband was at home while I was away and so I asked him to keep an eye on the mail for anything from Avon, as I knew that they would likely send me something pertaining to any balance owing. Nothing came. That is until early August when a notice showed up from a collections agency. I was completely shocked. I returned from my work trip August 15th and paid the amount owing promptly to the collections agency. I was really irritated that my account had been sent to collections with no notice… but I knew that this was definitely in part my fault, for being away, and not having the time to call Avon and confirm my balance owing before I left. So, I was willing to calm down and let this slide, and wanted to be an Avon rep again. I called Avon at least three or four times at this point, left a message specifically in the collections department, and talked to collections and general customer service about how to get my account reinstated and start selling again. There was definitely some confusion, but ultimately I was told that I needed to sign up for a new account (costing me $10). Okay, I thought, I'm irritated again, but it's just $10. So I did that. No one said anything about any other fees or anything so I was excited to start selling again! But just a couple of days after I signed up for my new account I got an email from Avon's collections department saying that actually I had to pay $47 in commission fees that were incurred by my old account being sent to collections. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??! I just paid another start-up fee, and now this?!? So I called in to see if I could get this waived. I did receive NO NOTICE about any balance owing before being sent to collections after all. The first person I talked to said I got 4 notices sent to me… oh wait 2 notices when he checked again…. said that there was a payment agreement set up, that I violated (I NEVER spoke to anyone about a payment arrangement by the way)… none of it was true! And as he apparently looked at my account, the story kept changing in terms of Avon's apparent communication with me about this issue. The bottom line was that he wasn't willing to help me at all, despite my insistence that I never received any notifications. I called back again at a later time to try again, and spoke to a woman who was equally unhelpful (and told me they had sent me 6 letters by the way! again, their story keeps changing!). I demanded to speak to her supervisor. The supervisor was not willing to help me at all, only hell bent on defending Avon's position, and refused to waive the fee.
    I understand that the $47 was incurred by sending my account to collections. However this could have all been avoided had they just sent me notice of a balance owing! It is very frustrating to not be able to prove it, but I swear to god I didn't receive anything from Avon before getting a notice from the collections agency. But they they do not believe me, nor do they care. I don't understand how they can want to lose all of my business over $47. Financially this makes no sense. Most frustrating though I think is just their treatment of me on a human level. As a rep, I assumed that I was in business with Avon, valuable in some sense. But after this experience it's clear that Avon does not care at all about the satisfaction of its reps. Which is really terrible considering that the reps are the face of Avon, and the one introducing and selling Avon products to the public. I am going to be spreading the word as much as I can now about Avon and their treatment of people, and also would advise that you not support this unethical company.

  • Da
      5th of Nov, 2013
    0 Votes

    I became an avon rep and then didn't send orders and when my mother died they said sorry for you loss, now pay up. I used to send messages to the President of Avon Canada on facebook, but he took the option away as I'm sure he doesn't want to listen to the complaints. Their service is bad.

  • Gl
      18th of Nov, 2013
    0 Votes

    I have a Xmas watch, the peppermint candy style. This the second one that broke.So, I called my reprsentative, and she said that I can't get another one because it more than a yr. I emailed her again, and told her that it wasn't. I shop all the time in the books.I want another please. Thank you.

  • Se
      4th of May, 2015
    0 Votes

    I first started off with Mary Kay and never had a problem with them and still don't. They treat their reps real well but I was having a hard time finding clients and making money and decided to give avon a try one day. I was approached by a lady at a show I was working at with my mary Kay that she could help me sell product from the catalogs to make money. Well I put in my first order not knowing that when I went to pay on time they didn't except prepaid credit cards. So I called them up and i told them that was the only way I could pay them so they said they would do it this one time. Never did and a couple months later I got calls, and a letter in the mail from da collections. I finally went to go pay them the other day by etransfer and they never accepted it. I even called them telling them I sent the money and nothing. So I cancelled the payment. I'm so fed up with avon I couldn't care less if they accept the money I owe them or not. They obviously dont want it that badly if they don't want to accept my money I owe them. Don't ever work for avon. If you want to work from home I suggest you try out mary Kay. All the Mary Kay reps do all they can to try and help each other out and you get lots of recognition, prizes and support. They are like your sisters, great girlfriends to the end. I just lost the passion for it and well selling make up wasn't really for me, but I really do enjoy the perks Mary Kay has to offer and in a heartbeat I would start up again if I were to start building up the right clientele base and get a strong team with me. :)

  • Dm
      20th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes - STOCKS in the BRANCH
    Quezon City

    this branch always doesn't have STOCKS for ALL the ITEM that they show in brochure!!! We always buy brochure every month but this branch always make me dissapointed.

  • Ni
      20th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes
    Avon - Hairdye
    United Kingdom

    Hi I bought hair dye from Avon I did a test before hand and it was fine so I applied the hair dye my hair has started to fall out and my hair won't grow my hair is a mess I'm embarrassed to go out anywhere

  • We
      20th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes - the use of animals
    United States

    It is circulating on a media page that Avon product are test on animals can you please verify this true or not so we can put this to rest or if its true then it can be sorted ounce a for all

  • Za
      29th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes - A discontinued product(Imari blossom)
    United States

    I really like your perfume line of imari's...although you've taken away my favorite Imari blossom..please bring back or tell me how I can order it???i order all the time at least twice a month in vets sad to see this product no longer available..

  • Li
      29th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes - Cathy carry-all pouch
    South Africa

    I have ordered the Cathy carry-all pouch when I received the product it's completely a different pouch than what I saw on the brochure. The design that you have on the brochure is different from what I have received. I need my money back and you can have your pouch.

  • Sa
      6th of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes - Delivery
    United Kingdom

    Was supposed to receive campaign 17 order by 31st October 2017 and its now November the 8th and its still not came and they keep telling me its been sent out. I have sat home all day the last week and it still hasn't came. I am very annoyed as my customers are starting to get angry and the fact ive stayed home all week and then it never even came?

  • Am
      18th of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes
    Avon - Fraud against my name
    South Africa

    On the 6th of September 2017 I was inform by my bank i own Avon i was so shock because i never open a account by Avon i call the call center of Avon Avon confirm i do have a account by them and i am in arreast i told the lady i never open a account by Avon .

  • Wa
      19th of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes - Bad service and representative
    Cebu City
    United States

    Im so full about the representative of avon which is rude and is not approachable. The service is very very bad! I got the wrong product different from what I ordered and also the product arrived very very slow which i've waited months to have it!!!

  • Ro
      15th of Oct, 2018
    0 Votes - Reason for not being able to buy products on credit as Avon seller
    South Africa

    I have been selling Avon for more than 5 months now as a cash buyer.I want to know when do I qualify to buy on credit?I love selling the products but since I am using my salary to buy stock for my customers it's a challenge for me I even think of quiting.

  • Mb
      13th of Nov, 2018
    0 Votes
    Avon Products, Inc. - Avon billing
    United States

    I order, pay for my order and then I get bills saying I owe for what I paid for.. I have never been able to settle this with customer service... The only way it is settled is if I pay the amount they say I owe, so I am done with avon after 7-8 years with the company.
    Margaret beckerwilber
    Rep #16342641

  • Ga
      14th of Nov, 2018
    0 Votes
    Gerdt Furniture of Avon, Indiana - Badservice
    South Africa

    Bad customer service they promise free has never worked

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