AVG virus protection / I was billed, not using the computer anymore

Toronto M9R 1B1, Canada

I was layed off from the company I was working for and they kept the computer I was using. I have been charged, I am guessing a renewal fee. I do not have the laptop and have not had it for the past 7 months. I would like you to please credit my mastercard that you have charged $59.99 the code following the charge is 01522803206gbr. Billed to my credit card may 12, 2015.

I repeat I no not have access to this computer any longer, I need you to please credit my credit card and cancel my account on your end and please issue me a cancellation number and when my account will be credited.

Cam maclellan
Last four numbers of my credit card 1200.

Thank you

May 16, 2015

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