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AutoZone / autozone puts employees in danger during state of emergency

1 Seabrook Dover Stafford, NH, United States Review updated:

As of Friday December 12, 2008 a State of Emergency was declared for the state of NH due to extremely severe ice storms that have left an estimated 700 thousand people without power and have closed down many, if not all of the roads. Residents have been advised to stay in their homes and only drive if necessary (if your home is without heat, we have been advised to go to the nearest emergency shelter). Autozone, however has chosen to remain open. Despite the power outage, Autozone is requiring their employees to work in the dark, in the cold, and without electricity to power the registers, to write down by hand people's payment information. Since there is no way for employees to clock in, I wonder if they will even be compensated appropriately for the hours they are working in these conditions. In addition, Autozone has threatened to reprimand employees that fail to come in to work- despite the state of emergency, families being in emergency shelters because their homes are without power, and the dangerous conditions of the roads.

Also, I would like to note that everything else is closed- from the Dunkin Doughnuts to WalMart to the gas stations- so it's not like autozone would be overcompensating for the state of emergency weather by letting their employees stay home and keeping them out of danger.

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  • Ja
      11th of Mar, 2009
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    Oh please... I live in the south. Autozone had us work boarding up our stores while hurricanes were well within striking distance. I've had to leave the store and rush home to protect my own property...THEN try to get out of town! Autozone doesn't care about anything but their own property! They wouldn't even spend the money to put cameras in our store, then when we got robbed and I was sent to the hospital, they didn't want to pay for my pleasant stay in the emergency room! Then, later... because they wouldn't spend a few bucks on a little therapy... they busted me for job performance. Sorry, Jake, I was scared for my life! I wonder why I don't work for them anymore. Well, other than the dain bramage!

  • Ma
      12th of Sep, 2010
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    Yeah...i too used to work for the AZ! Here in California (Sorry we don't have hurricanes or snow storms but i can relate.) When i was living in a City called Bakersfield, California (Near the Lancaster/Antelope Valley area) We would have the occasional dust/desert storm within the summer months. And, despite the stupid fact that the power would also go out in this AZ store that i worked at (store #5332 Brundage Lane) the incompetent district manager would call each store within our area and DEMAND that we stay opened even if your power was out and the store was completely dark and out of power! WTF! Not to mention birds and inanimate objects outside of the store were falling/tumbling over onto the street causing accidents or injuries.. I couldn't believe it myself..yet our stupid excuse of a store manager yelled out "WE HAVE TO STAY OPEN TO MAKE OUR SALES PROJECTION TODAY!...DON'T LEAVE JUST BECAUSE OF A SOMEWHAT DESERT STORM IS IN TOWN! OR YOU WILL BE TERMINATED!" I couldn't believe it myself! guy was stocking oil in the very back and said "THE HELL WITH THIS!" And instead of walking straight out of the front door he used the nearest fire emergency exit and the alarm went right off! I was sooo in disbelieve that just started laughing at all the B.S. going on here. Therefore, with the power off for a wopping 7 1/2 hours...i finally said "i'm out of here!" And on top of that we didn't have more than 25 customers come that crappy day during the power outage. I proceeded to leave and the Store Manager tried to threaten me by saying "you walk out that door and don't even bother coming back!"

    So...i said to him "YEAH AND WITH THESE CRAPPY SALES TODAY...IT'S YOUR [censor] ON THE LINE WITH THE DISTRICT MANAGER..SO...IF I WERE YOU I WOULDN'T EVEN BOTHER COMING BACK TOMORROW BECAUSE YOU'LL PROBABLY GET FIRED YOURSELF!" I laughed it off and walked right out of the door. The next day the power was restored and i had to show up for work at 10am and i asked another "red shirt" were the SM was and he said "OH HE WON'T BE BACK... HE WAS FIRED BECAUSE HE DIDN'T CLOSE UP SHOP AND LET EVERYONE GO HOME FOR THE DAY BECAUSE OF THE STORM AND POWER OUTAGE!" LOL Stupid-[censor] Autozone...Catch 22 crap entrapment!

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