AutoZonea return

I was making a return to my local autozone, which I visit very frequently. My wife had purchased the items and the mechanic told her she didn't need them. So I took them bk for her. She had already make a call to the store to let them know in advance that I was comin. I proceeded with my return as a sales rep helped me. She couldn't help me so I asked for the manager. I introduced my self to the manager and told him of my problem. He told me that he couldn't help me without a receipt. I asked him to look it up in the computer. He replied "I am not looking nothing up you need to leave".See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Monroe, CT I was shocked to hear a manager tell me to leave the store because he was drinking coffee and didn't want to look for my receipt in the computer. Mr tullis did everything but call me the "n" word. I call corporate and left a vm on mr. Mckinser phone. I am so emotionally hurt and confused?... I did nothing but be a paying customer and I feel so discrimated against!!!.. I never felt so worthless and helpless in my life. He looked at me like I was nothing. He told me "get out of his store"!!!... Out of his store. I am so hurt by this man actions that I can't stop shaking. He discrimated against me because I am black and he was an older caucasian male. That's y he didn't want to help me. I feel that deep in my heart of hearts. Tell me what other reason I got put out of your store? What is the reason I couldn't be helped in the same store the items where bought from.

Feb 14, 2018

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