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Unit 2 Grange Farm Flint Cross Heydon SG8 7PR, Royston, England, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Review updated:
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Phone: (44) 1763 209 237 or (44) 7817 993 482

Ash Vehicle Sales RIP OFF used car dealers in Royston. The owner is Conman, Ashley Smith, who sold me a vehicle he described as being in very good condition throughout, but turned out to have many faults - a total waste of two-thousand-pounds. Since posting my dealings with this ruthless fraudster on the internet, several other unsuspecting victims of Smith`s emailed me to tell me their harrowing stories. If he`s conned you - contact Trading Standards, the newspapers & sue him in court.

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  • Al
      9th of May, 2012

    I agree with the previous speaker. Ashley Smith is a common crook. I bought a car from him last year, and I'm from Poland. CAR I bought was for my business, so Should I pay the net price. net payment is normal practice when a company buys from the company for export. then after the transaction the seller recovers the money from the VAT from the British tax office and a buyer ( me ) pay the VAT in his country when he made the registration. And He knew about this, but he was afraid that my company really exists and he asked me to pay the gross price (including VAT), and he said that will give me back the VAT mney, when the auto will go outside the UK. amount of this tax is 450 pounds. After that I returned home with the car and asked him to refund my money, I send to him proof that everything is correct and now is 10 months after that and he still did not give them. I call this fraud 1000 times, and he lying to me still. Now I know that from the beginning he knew that he was not going to give me the money. So finale is such that he stole me my 450 pounds, and the office of the British probably paid him a further 450 as reimbursement of VAT so the total is 900 pounds of gain. I hope tahat You understand my story, I AM pissed off the whole situation, but he will not let go THIS I HATE thieves and liars. Watch out for HIM, I DO NOT RECOMMEND buying anything from this man. ROBERT - POLAND.

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  • St
      9th of May, 2012

    Robert - glad to read your complaint here that warns other possible victims, who may consider buying from Smith, that he is an out-and-out CONMAN.

    I will supply you with the addresses of many other web pages where you can post your information and experience in dealing with Ash Vehicle Sales.



    N.B. The photo is the car Smith sold me and conned me out of two-thousand-pounds.

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  • Al
      16th of May, 2012

    After my publications on "COMPLAINTS BOARD Mr. Ashley is offended, and decided to never give me back my money, it looks like a punishment...:) he play like a 5 year old child...

    I called him a thief, because he is. I submit the matter to the police and the tax office. We will see that sooner or later he must become a honest man...

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  • St
      11th of Jun, 2012

    In my opinion after dealing with this CONMAN, I believe Ashley Smith had no intention whatsoever of giving you your money back at any time and used this as a poor excuse.

    He did the same with me - asked me not to return the wreck he had deliberately sold me, but to get it checked over and he`d pay for all repairs. When i did this and got an estimate, he then said he wasn`t taking the car back because I had let outside mechanics look at the car. I reminded him it was on his instructions i had done this, but low-life Smith did what conmen do and stuck to this half-witted excuse for not taking the car back - in other words, he had no intentions of refunding me at any time and any excuse not to, would do.

    I will continue posting my dealings with Smith all over the internet until he honors his word and pays the £1000.00 owed for repairs and diagnostics.

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  • As
      18th of Aug, 2013

    There is two sides to a story enough said

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  • Wi
      13th of Oct, 2014

    I agree he is a crook I bought a transit tipper off him years ago lied about how many previous owners it had ... The logbook was conveniently lost in the post! I paid over 5 thousand for it, to be fair he did try and fix it first time which took two weeks ...but didn't solve the endless problems, I pummelled over 2 thousand in to the truck and was still a dog. Lesson learnt, if you can afford to buy off main dealer then do it! I should imagine he sleeps well at night but one day he will do it to the wrong person and he will end up like his old bangers!

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  • Ri
      7th of Nov, 2014

    we purchased a shogun last year from him and have just found out the mileage has been clocked by nearly 70k. i would never buy a vehicle from here again, no matter what the price is!!

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