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Do not buy from autopartswarehouse you will loose time and money as well as patience! Placed an order on an item that was in stock on their website and when the order came in they packed something entirely different. Ordered Flowmaster 60 Series muffler and they sent me turbo downpipes for a GMC / Chevrolet Turbo Diesel. Will not honor refund because they claim parts in the box must match the invoice shipped with the box as well as the description tag on the outside of the box. Invoice and tag on box clearly show 60 series import muffler however items packed were the downpipes. After calling Autopartswarehouse customer service, they put the blame on me and stated I must have switched the parts out and that, once again the parts inside the box must match the invoice to honor a refund. After calling 8 times, 3 hang ups and 2 merry go round pass this guy around, I lost 130.00 and gained a set of useless pipes that have no value to me, well there is ebay I guess but no where close to getting my full amount back. Never again! These people will scam you!

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  • Tr
      Nov 05, 2009
    Autopartswarehouse - billed after I cancelled order
    United States

    Unbelievable! I ordered a windshield wiper that I couldn't readily find locally and they emailed me and asked me if I agreed on $35.95 for shipping, to which I said NO. They charged my credit card $22.94. I emailed them, demanding a refund. They said to wait 3-5 business days. It's been more than that. I called the 800 number "and are always willing to assist you with your concerns" and I got indirect answers and lies, and whenever I was put on hold (I called them 5 times) no one ever picked up again. The last "agent" that picked up - all I could hear was laughing and talking and I had to yell into the phone HELLO! which barely got her attention.

    I'm disgusted. Do NOT do business with this company!

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  • Ro
      Nov 23, 2009
    Autopartswarehouse - Rip off
    United States

    Autopartswarehouse had great service as long as you don't want to return anything. I ordered two parts and turned out i didn't need either of them so I went about returning them . To do the "no hassle" return - means, fill out a form. wait 2 to 3 days. contact customer support wondering where the return form is. wait another 2 or 3 days (I'm in that process now - hopefully it will come in the email and I will see it). On top of all that they chart 20% restocking fee! This is "no hassle" return as defined by

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  • Mf
      Dec 15, 2009
    Autopartswarehouse - Scam with Complete Savings
    United States

    Autopartswarehouse aka the Parts bin, Auto Parts Network,, and many other names.

    I bought some brakes from and after they arrived, APW sent me an email to fill out to receive $10 on my next purchase. I started to fill out the form and then realized that they were asking way too many questions and did not finish the form. A few weeks later I got a Visa bill for $12 from Complete Savings. Appearently when you sign up for the discount you are really signing up for a monthly subscription for $12 from Complete Savings. Read the small print. I called Visa to dispute the charge and I called Complete Savings to cancel the subscription and they informed me that they got my credit card number from APW. All you have to do is copy the last 4 digits of your credit card number to start the $12/month subscription. I checked them both out on Google and read about this scam between APW and many others with CS. My recommendation: dont buy from APW and dont sign up for the $10 discount on your next purchase.

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  • Or
      Jul 15, 2010
    Autopartswarehouse - Beware - 20% restocking if defective
    United States

    I bought a set of 4 Weathertech(McNeil's automotive) Ventvisor/Rainguard and one of the part is defective. Called customer service and was transferred to a number where I waited more than 30 minutes with no one answering. Called the next day and customer service person has no consideration/personality. I requested for a replacement part of just the broken/defective part and was told to return the whole set and pay 20% restocking fee and reorder another set. He would not listen that if I remove the 3 good parts already installed may damage the good parts. Buying another set will make me pay shipping again and would guarantee that another part is bad .. then I will need to pay another 20% restocking fees/shipping again. I am frustrated with the company and I do hope they are not Filipinos since I am born in the Philippines also. Filipinos normally go out of their ways to help everyone.

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  • Ch
      Jun 17, 2011
    Autopartswarehouse - Beware - 20% restocking if defective
    OEM Autopartswarehouse
    17150 Margay Ave
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    4 days after making a complaint to the CA Division of Consumer Protection, the Charge card I used to make the original purchase, was charged for $1, 000.00 and for $2, 000.00. From the same offshore account this company uses to process its payments.

    This is nothing short of a criminal ring of theives operating out of Carson CA

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