Autonationthe worst decision of my life

This starts with my dream of buying my lifelong dream truck, a Toyota Tundra. I've dreamed of buying a new Tundra for as long as I've been driving. I could have went anywhere to buy my new Tundra. In fact, I passed by Milton Martin to come to Toyota Mall of Georgia. My purchasing experience was better than I could have imagined. John Rogers was extremely helpful and the only ray of sunshine in this experience. I left May 2nd with my dream truck. I couldn't be more proud. John was even overly helpful and concerned about some feature he though my truck had that it didn't.
Part of the deal we worked out was that you guys would pay my wife's van off. Two weeks after our purchase on May 2nd we were getting calls from our Coastal Credit about the lack of payment. With several threatening phone calls. I made a few failed attempts to find out why the van hadn't been paid off. I was finally able to get John to find out why. It turned out that the financing department had input some numbers incorrectly and the loan was held up. Two week and I hadn't heard nothing about the loan not being accepted. I had to chase down why this was being held up. John informed me that we would have to come back and sign a few things but that Toyota Mall of Ga. would send a payment to hold Coastal at bay. The night we came in on May 22nd, John informed me that they had not sent a payment and that there was no worries. Then told me "they usually don't post 30 day late notifications to credit" and that they would overnight it and it would be fine. On Tuesday May 30th (8 days later), I received yet another threatening phone call from Coastal about no payment. From that time I made countless phone call to Toyota Mall of Ga. I left three messages with Lorenzo (or sales manager), Jose and another manager, WITH NO RESPONSE! On Friday June 2nd, I knew I must get answers and movement on this issue because we are at that point our credit was in danger of being affected. I called no less than 15 times. Every time I have called today I have either got passed around to people who have no clue how to help me (service dept.), been hung up on, sent to countless voicemails, waited on hold for unreasonable amounts of time, had to tell numerous people why I've called, been lied to (told that Brian Pak was the Operational Manager), and told sorry we can't help you "you will just have to call back later, I can't leave the front desk". Finally on June 12th after I returned home from a trip I had to drive 45 mins to Buford Georgia just to talk to someone. I finally got the new Operations Manager and he seems very motivated to help fix the situation. Immediately they got on it and found out that they sent the payment to another company with Coastal in the name. Quickly payment was sent but not before my credit was affected. I now have 60 day late ding on my credit. Now I have to go to war again to get this fixed.

Aug 13, 2017

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