Autonation2011 jeep wrangler sport

I purchased said vehicle from Autonation Johnson city, TN on May 5 2018. I recently went to change the oil and found oil leaking from the rear main seal. this vehicle has 116000 miles and was supposedly went through a 150 point inspection. I called and talked to the sales person (Keenan Hopson) that sold me the Jeep and he said that it was not covered under the 90 day 4000 mile warranty but would never tell me what was actually was covered. He lead me to believe the limited warranty was actually limited to only a powertrain warranty. I accepted that and purchased the vehicle. Now under powertrain warranty this would be covered. So I thought there would be no problem getting this fixed until I was informed that I could bring my Jeep back to them and pay them to fix it. I have only had this Jeep for 34.5 days. I only use it to commute to work and home. I have done nothing that should've been the cause of this. Therefore I believe it was either overlooked during the inspection or was simply ignored and put up for sale. I am looking for this to either get fixed, given a full refund, or I take it to be fixed elsewhere and Autonation Johnson city, TN pay the repair bill. I don't want to get lawyers involved but I will. Someone didn't do their job and now I'm on the hook for their mistake.

Jun 08, 2018

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