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Austrian Airlines / fraud, unethical behaviour, inaction by austrian airlines

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Vasyukov Gennady G. 6 August 2014 used the services of airlines Austrian Airlines, and again was the victim of a gross violation of his rights as a consumer. Previous claim was sent to Austrian Airlines 05/08/2014. Unfortunately, we have to admit that during the month, our client became an injured party and was cheated on flights operated by Austrian Airlines twice, which becomes intolerable and offensive to our customer, but still having no alternative, as it is impossible, to get in Vienna by flight of another airline in daytime (for transfer to another direction). The majority of transit trips go through Vienna and the number of flights in Vienna is limited. In our opinion, one of the main reason of the happen flagrant fact (for most airlines in the world), namely, removal from the flight registered passenger - our customer Vasyukov G.G. (06.08.2014, the flight OS662), was a proactive stand of our client associated with the defense of personal rights and interests, and as a result, the submission of a complain, the day before this flight, by the law firm “Legal Solutions Center” the pre-trial claims against Austrian Airlines on behalf of Vasyukov G.G. in respect of the canceled flight July 18, 2014 and deliberate deception of our customer by representatives of airlines Austrian Airlines. As well as constant (already twice)-complete disregard the rights and interests of passengers who took advantage of the flights Austrian Airlines. In such behavior of airline, can be seen abuse its monopoly position on flights Kiev - Vienna, prejudice and pettiness of its representatives and the desire to spoil the plans and mood of the passenger who regularly travels and has to tolerate such harassment by the representatives of Austrian Airlines, as there is no alternative. July 14 (3.5 weeks before the day of departure) our client Vasyukov G.G. bought the air ticket for his name with destinations Kiev - Vienna - Kiev (ticket number: 566 [protected], card number of Frequent Flyer Miles & More 992, 004, 483, 886, 323) with the help of Kiy Avia agent (a copy of the ticket and boarding card are attached). Flight Kiev – Vienna, 6th of August (flight OS662) departing from Kiev at 13.30 operated by Austrian Airlines. Vasyukov G.G. was registered on the flight (OS662) 5 th of August, using online check-in services (20 hours before departure). However, on the day of departure, August 6, near at 13.10 o'clock, when our client Vasyukov G.G. after passing through security, customs and passport control points went to the gate for the flight - the representatives of Austrian Airlines by far-fetched reason prevented him and 9 passengers to board the aircraft. All the passengers were citizens of Ukraine. Airlines representatives constantly changed information about the reasons of removal from flight our client and the other 9 passengers!!! This fact can be confirmed by all removed from this flight passenger. In this regard, the existence of different versions of the reasons because of which 10 passengers - citizens of Ukraine were removed from flight, and which was voiced to all removed from the flight passengers, means selectivity and bias of airline representatives in the approach to the choice of the passengers on the national discriminatory basis !!! The first version, voiced to all removal from flight 10 passengers, was the information that the choice of the passengers, who decided to be removed from the flight, was taken at the main office of Austrian Airlines in Vienna and representatives of airlines do not have any additional information! The passenger of the same flight OS662 Walter Roslik may confirm this information. This version was an absolute lie and an attempt to mislead the 10 removed from the flight passengers and an attempt to disclaim all responsibility. However, after a telephone conversation of Vasyukov G.G. assistant with official representative of Austrian Airlines in Vienna, it became clear that the central office (CO) of Austrian Airlines does not have any information concerning the current situation and the reason of removal from the flight OS662 10 passengers, including our client Vasyukov G.G. Moreover CO of airlines confirmed that did not give any guidance to representatives of the airline at the airport Boryspol to remove passengers from the flight and also confirmed the absence of any information about the problems with the aircraft and aircraft staff in the electronic booking system and control of airline. These data were obtained not only by an assistant of Vasyukov G.G., but also by representative of the Kiy-Avia airline agent, who personally contacted the CO of Austrian Airlines in Vienna, and received the same answer. Only after that, the representatives of airlines in Kiev announced a new version of what is happening, namely, a new so-called reason was that one of the stewardess on the flight was sick, who had to serve passengers on the flight OS662 and the inability of the second flight attendants to serve all the number of passengers assigned to the flight. Consequently, the representatives of airlines decided to remove 10 passengers among 80 registered on this flight passengers. The representatives of the airline at the airport voiced, the criterion, by which the passengers were selected, that 10 removal from the flight passengers were no transit and on that basis, it was decided to remove them. This statement of representatives of the airline repeatedly was lying because our customer during the landing proved with documents that at least he follows through Vienna to Bratislava and he confirmed his words by showing his hotel reservation in Bratislava. However, none of the representatives of Austrian Airlines did not even try to understand and defend the truth of their version of the removing exactly transit passengers, and even not tried to solve this occurred conflict, that show their initial prejudice against passengers - citizens of Ukraine and against our client personally. Furthermore, special cynicism of airline representatives was demonstrated by complete indifference to what was heard concerning the problems from the side of removal passengers and absolute indifference that unlawfully removed passengers were planning to lodge complaints to various authorities. They did not worry and were not afraid of various trials with their airline in future. This situation is intolerable and unacceptable for airlines such level as Austrian Airlines, which is abusing its monopoly position on flights Kiev-Vienna airline and breach, primarily, the rights and interests of citizens of Ukraine, as according to its representatives at the airport Boryspol, they do not worry concerning trials in Ukraine !!! All 10-removal passengers heard this position of airline representatives and this was the last boiling point. In violation of the rules of the airline and the Montreal Convention number 2004-578 from 17.06.04 to our client was not given the opportunity to make international phone calls in order to notify all interested parties of a sudden change in the plan due to the fault of the Austrian Airlines. For rebooking tickets, Vasyukov G.G. was forced once again get out of the departure area and go to the front desk Austrian Airlines - where, having no alternative the representatives of airlines offered the only option flight Kiev-Vienna at 17:55, i.e. 4 h 25 minutes later than the scheduled departure time. Any documents and messages about the importance of departure as soon as possible to Vienna representatives of the airline traditionally has not perceived!!! After rebooking the ticket, Vasyukov G.G. demanded from representatives of the airline written confirmation with the reasons why he was removed from the flight OS662, and after much discussion and failures from the side of airlines, he was given a formal piece of paper with new «third cause» of removal from the flight - "operational", which in fact was formal reply. No apology or further explanation of the reasons for such a blatant behavior of Austrian Airlines were not provided!!! Also was not given any information why the "operational reasons» touched only our client and rest 9 passengers and other passengers of OS662 didn’t touch. In addition, our clients was given a new boarding card in last place in the cabin near the toilet, although our client went to check-in 4.5 hours prior to departure!!! Boarding the plane, he was convinced that there were empty seats in the board, which means unfriendly, biased and discriminatory attitude of airlines to our customer. In addition to moral damages, incurred as a direct fraud from the part of Austrian Airlines, this situation has caused tangible material costs: 1) Vasyukov G.G. was planning to hold an appointment on 6 the of August in Bratislava with the representative of the Austrian company. Our client was planning on arrival in Vienna use services of the last steamer run -Twin City Liner ( from Vienna at 16.30 (17.45 in Bratislava), to arrive in time for an appointment. However, due to changes in the arrival time - he was late for the last steamer run and he was forced to spend the night in Vienna, and next day get to Bratislava (confirmation of transit by steamer Twin City Liner August 7 is attached). Thereby he incurred additional expenses to pay for hotels in Vienna (Hotel am Konzerthaus - 152, 86 euro per 1 night - account is attached). 2) Moral damage: According to the rules of the airline and the Montreal Convention number 2004-578 from 17.06.04 the airline is obliged to pay moral damages to the passenger if the airline does not offer passengers a flight with about the same schedule – but overbooked flight ticket with the arrival 4 hours 25 minutes later than planned - 600 euros compensation. 3) Service of the law firm «Legal Solutions Centre» which represents the interests of the plaintiff - the total amount of 1500 euros: the collection of evidence, preparation of pre-trial claim, interrogations of witnesses and others. Total: 2, 253 euros. In accordance with the requirements of the European legislation on the consumer right protection, the rules of air transportation and the internal regulations of airlines Austrian Airlines, the airline is obliged to comply strictly with all the rights and interests of its customers /clients. Systematic evidence of fraud and leading passengers into error depose unwillingness of the airline to change the attitude to the consumers of their services. The Law Firm "Legal Solutions Center" representing the interests of Vasyukov G. G. offers Austrian Airlines in the pretrial order to compensate all financial losses and moral damages in the amount of 2, 253 € and bring a written apology for the inconvenience.

Austrian Airlines
Austrian Airlines
Austrian Airlines

Oct 13, 2015

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