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Aurora Loan Services / Terrible everything

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Our mortgage was sold to Aurora Home Loans several years ago. Until our financial situation changed drastically we never had any issues or reasons to contact Aurora. However, since we have experienced loss of income, medical issues, college tuition assistance for youngest son and husband's company's biggest client filing bankruptcy, we decided to contact Aurora for help with refinancing or a loan modification program. For the most part the employees I have dealt with have been civil but they do have a person named Mike who is insufferable, insulting and confrontational. I have told him I will NOT have a conversation with him again. One thing we have experienced with Aurora that I do think is a big ripoff is this so called investors fee. In November of 2008 I called our mortgage payment in and the girl who was supposed to handle it...didn't. They call us in December claiming we were 30 days past due. Until that time I didn't know what had happened. This Mike person proceeds to scream and yell and deny the girl did anything wrong. I told him play the recording back. I knew differently. They finally fixed it and Aurora sent us a letter saying they would correct the credit information they had previously sent to the credit bureaus. One of their many 'scams' is supposedly the investor, according to them, believes our account to be in jeopardy so he makes a cursory inspection of our house and charges us. Are you kidding me? Our account as of this date is not past due and Aurora is not on the list of approved mortgage companies for Hope. The fact that we all have mortgages with a company who is not Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac backed instead by investors, who by the way had their hand out with the government, makes it problematical because they do not have to do as President Obama has dictated. We are trying to get out of a mortgage with Aurora so we contacted They are nice and helpful but all we got from them was a referral to US Mortgage. The guy who called from there is only interested in convincing us to use this law firm to represent us with Aurora on a loan modification. Most of these predators are after the buck...that is it. Aurora did tell us not to bother with them because they could not do anything we couldn't do. I believe that and we don't have the money to do it anyway. We were told the process of loan modification takes up to 60 days on a first come, first serve basis. It is pretty sad when you have to be behind on your mortgage to get a break. We aren't yet but we could be if something catastrophic happens. I will join any and everyone in taking this company to task.

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      2nd of Apr, 2010
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    I have completed all the payments on 2 work-out programs only to find out I was denied.

    The first work out program I was $4137.69 behind and keep in mind my payments are $1330. so I started the workout program paid a lump sum of $2758.46 and 5 additional payments of $1900 on time and sent priority mail with tracking. Aurora sent a letter requesting more information for review of my file, “NOTE” the date on the letter was 20 days before I got it and stated in the letter I had 15 days to respond to them with the information requested. Be aware this happened with all of there time sensitive letters. I called the day I got the letter and my file had been denied and closed and could not be reopened because it was incomplete. Nothing I could do to get the modification However I could start a NEW 6 mo temporary 6 mo work out program at $1400 and they would review my file after I made all the payments. This time I Wired all the payments ONTIME from my bank submitted all the requested information more that once to avoid the same problem as the first time. After the 5th payment they the same thing happened DENIED!!! Incomplete file closed. And they also sent me a letter that I was DENIED because I can’t afford the payments. Yes folks two different letter DENIED for 2 different reasons.

    I call them again again again, I did not state how many time I called them in this complaint because it would be way to long for you to read. Just trust me I talked to them a lot never getting the same answer twice and they yell at me and say things like “if you would have made your payments you would not be talking to us” Yelling! Not very pleasant
    Now this has taken a year and now if I was to pay a sum to get current it would be over $10, 000. go back and do the math or better yet tell me how to do their math. Point being here is the “Aurora making homes Impossible” is criminal.

    Now the only thing I can do is another Temporary work out program and they will review it after 6 payments. Remember I was denied because I could not afford the payment $1400 based on my income. So I told them my girlfriend had move in and our house hold income had doubled. I asked if we could use her income. They said we could ONLY IF SHE WOULD BECOME PERSONALY LIABLE ON THE LOAN. WTF so I went thru the phone interview AGAIN with the new income numbers. Remember 2X or double my income and they say I cant afford $1400. guess what the new payment would be? $3300!!! for 6 months then they would review my file for a modification because it’s a temporary payment. Holly crap I cant afford $1400 now its $3300 and I need a new cell phone because I broke it. By the way I just got served my foreclosure notice last night. Looks like I loose.

    Hope this help everyone with their adventure with Aurora Home Loans
    Contact me if you think I can help you further
    I am also pursuing the class action with a law firm out of California and New York that I found in one of these posts. I know it maybe to late for my house however I am not going to go quietly.

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