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On may 29, 2012 charged my debit card for $7.49, the funny thing is I don't have an account at so I called my bank and told them about the fraudulent transaction. My bank returned my money, cancelled my debit card and they sent me a new card, but then on june 26, 2012 charged me again for $7.49 and I said to myself wt[censored] So this time I called and told them that I do not have an account on them and the representative asked me for my email address, but I just told him that I don't have an account on them, so then he asked for my debit card number and I told him that I don't remember my debit card number because I already destroyed it because I got a new one. Then he asked for my new debit card number, so out of curiosity I gave him my debit card number and he put me on hold to check the account on that debit card. Few minutes later he's back and said that he found the account... Wt[censored] He also said the name on the account and guess what.. It's my name wt[censored] I told him I don't have an account on them and he gladly refunded my money and closed "my account" the question is how did they managed to get my new debit card number? Can someone share a bright light on this one? F! Audible. Scam

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      Jun 27, 2012

    addendum from my original post. Someone got a hold of my debit card number and created an account using my name. There's another post here somewere that AUDIBLE. COM has a contract with visa or other banks that if a card was cancelled, visa and some banks will provide a new debit card number to them. WTF!

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