Audibleillegal charges

I was away from home since 3th may 2017 and I got charges for (audible) I did not subscribe, and is ilegal that get this charges.
3 jul 2017 charged to my bank 14.28 GBP
1 Aug 2017 charged to my bank 14.13 GBP
1 Sep 2017 charged to my bank 14.38 GBP.
I cant see all my bank statements so I don't even know if you charged more transaction than what I saw statement of last 3 months.

Since I was charged each month by audible for something that I did not subscribe or receive. Can you please refund my money and stop those charges which you charge me each month, as I mentioned I never subscribe nor agreed any charges please make full refund before it goes farther.


+[protected] or +[protected] email or [protected]

Sep 03, 2017

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