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I'm contacting you to complaint about Audi Kuwait Service center.
I have a Q5 model 2014. Regardless that the majority of my experience with the service center is bad what happened this year is not acceptable. They are not honest, not giving a real advice rather they r searching for a financial gain regardless the safety of the client. Last week i sent my car for my last free service with Audi, the agent who was handling my car service is Jason. I shared with him my concerns about the car which was mainly the sound of the breaks. The next day he highlighted that the thermostat is leaking and the fuel hose is cracked which will be fixed and i have to pay around 400 kuwaiti dinars which is a very big amount. I was wondering how i have 2 serious problems in the car and I didn't even get 1 automatic notification that there's a problem, then i sent my father to check and they convinced him that this is serious and affects my safety and we gave to fix them.
Based on this advice we gave them the ho sign to do the needful. when we were receiving the car my father asked them for the damaged parts, Surprisingly the fuel hose was not cracked and the thermostat was like a brand new!!
In addition, the invoice was very high due to labour cost which includes around 70 Kuwaiti Dinars just to check for one part which I didn't ask them to check but they said that they need to check it for my safety!!
What they have done to me is considered cheating the client for financial gain.
I need to be contacted by one of the managers ASAP to share with them my serious complaint.
I was thinking to change my car and get the newer model but now I'll definitely ignore this idea and I'm advising all my circle of friends not to buy Audi.
The service center in Kuwait is really ruining the reputation of Audi international.
Finally, they said that the breaks ate good though it still having the same sound after receiving the car which clearly shows that they didn't take care of my concerns instead they were focusing on the commercial gain
What happened with me is unprofessional and I really need your help

Dec 23, 2018

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