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I too was told to go to for my dsl rebate after I agreed to their over the phone offer. I have tried over time repeatedly to access what appears to be a non-existent site. I even received a flyer in the mail instructing me to do this so I tried again repeatedly to no avail. *sigh*

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  • Ca
      Nov 29, 2008

    Yes, What is this all about.? I can't find any "the status of my reward" as indicated on the flier I just received. So far not pleased with AT&T service. Will be keeping my eyes open for a better service.

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  • Ja
      Nov 29, 2008

    web site will not l

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  • Vi
      Nov 29, 2008

    i too was told to go to that website to get my rewards
    so how do i get my reward? how long do we have to

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  • Pa
      Nov 29, 2008

    Received flyer in mail and was told over phone that i had rewards on this site.They are just trying to sell mee stuff!Cant find any rewards Just spam, which they claim doesnt happen.

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  • Na
      Nov 29, 2008

    i am just trying to find out about my rewards. how much they are and when can i expect them thank you, Mrs Geoghagan

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  • Al
      Nov 30, 2008

    i been trying so hard for the last several month what i been told over the phone every time they been give in me diffrent date to go to the net to apply for my reward and nathing happn this is for dish not work andat&t dail .my account #is 407568 [protected].mr. ali elbejou my cell#is [protected]

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  • Th
      Dec 01, 2008

    I too was told to come to this site to get my reward and have a flier as well that has this site listed to check on my reward. what is up???

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  • Cc
      Dec 01, 2008

    On October 07, 2008 at 5:30 pm I talked by phone to ATT's Ms. Green who
    promised me a $100 rebate on my new application for DSL service. She told me to go to to apply. She did not offer me any
    confirmation number. Now after seeing all the other complaints by other people, I wonder if ATT will keep their word. I tried previously to get fast internet service through Bell South. All I got was trouble from the start. I
    finally had to back out of the service. Now it seems ATT is up to it again. I
    will expect the $100 rebated to be sent to me in the form of a check ASAP!!
    Today's date is: December 1, 2008
    My address is:
    C. Coley Smith
    P. O. Box 112
    Carrollton, GA [protected]

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  • Br
      Dec 02, 2008

    I too was told to go to this web-site to get my $50.00 refund for my service. I have not been able to get it as of yet. The service is not worth what you charge and I too am looking for better service. I am really disappointed because I have always used AT&T for my phone service and have been pleased with that service, but your web service is the pits.

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  • Su
      Dec 02, 2008

    I ordered my modem in May, and after 6 monts, I am still waiting. I have complained many times, and someone finally called me back 11-12-08 and said I would have my check in 7 to 10 days. Well, it is Dec.2, and I still have no check. As far as the rewards website, donot waste your time. CALL THEM!!Do you think they would wait 6 months if I told them my "check was in the mail" for their payment? Merry Christmas!!

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  • Da
      Dec 02, 2008

    I too was told to go to this web-site to get my rebate an was sent a flyer in the mail NO SUCH THING. Not only that the services I requested was not avabily to me but I'm still having to pay the hook up. Very unhappy with AT&T. What if no one payed their bill. Looking for new services.

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  • Be
      Dec 04, 2008

    Everything I was told on the phone has not happened.

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  • Be
      Dec 04, 2008


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  • Ju
      Dec 04, 2008

    I find myself in the same boat as all the others. Here I sit waiting for my promised awards but with no way to accomplish it. I guess I'll phone and get a real person (hopefully) to help me, altho when I signed up with a telephone Att solicitor, I had a real person and he failed to tell me the correct amount of my new service and how difficult it would be to collect the award.

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  • Te
      Dec 08, 2008

    Ditto, The web site doesn't appear to exist. I even phoned and could not get a live person to help me with this.

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  • Ma
      Dec 12, 2008

    I too was having the same problem with getting my rebate site. I found out that i was searching on the wrong search bar!! We need to search "" on the top address bar where it says "https" but only type in "" and you get to the right site. I had to call the phone # [protected] and they connected me right to the reward center. I hope this helps you . Mark

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  • Mi
      Dec 16, 2008

    To all those wit complaints about the at&t rewards runaround. You will be happy to know that I found the problem.
    They are trying to make it difficult as possible but still be truthful.
    Try reversing your addressing from to...rewardcenter/
    Then you will get to the redemtion part you need by typing in your phone number.
    Then it will show you that you`re redeeming you`re $50.00 rebate and $75.00 visa . Good luck.

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  • Fr
      Dec 19, 2008

    This service is poor because the information that your giving is not correct. You tell your customers one thing and do something else. The rewards is a joke because, you give us a site you can't retrieve the infor mation from and and you customer service people are giving false information just get you to sign with you. I feel after this poor output that i will seek services else where if you can't stand up to you word. Furthermore, i will write to the local news and alert them that att is promoting things and giving customers information to their customer just to get our business. Frank

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  • Ju
      Dec 20, 2008

    I am having the same problem of trying to redeem my rebate and claim my rewards with AT&T. I sure like myself the above people work during the day and time and money will not permit months of trying to track down or access something promised during the sell of an item. I will not give up. I do not have a complaint with the other services I receive from AT&T; but the rebate/reward system smells like a purple poka-dot rat.

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  • Pr
      Dec 20, 2008

    I was called by a person and quoted a price (which is not the price I was billed) and told that I would no onger be offered dial up. So I took the modem and also received the flier in the mail but cannot access the site. What is wrong? Please call me at [protected] and explain what is happening.

    Thank you Priscilla Sanborn

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  • Az
      Dec 24, 2008

    Im really on happy with att at this point of time I would expect a company like this would have there buniness ventures more intact, tho my internet great =], mainly i would like to receive my rebate so with this enjoy ur holidays and have a ahppy new year

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  • Jo
      Jan 03, 2009

    I called att and they told me that I will get my rebates after 12 weeks. I told them to used my rebates to pay for my first bill. What are they going to do about it take me to court. I will sued for flase advertisement

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  • At
      Jan 07, 2009

    I am an employee at ATT for home phone services.
    I am not at work so this is just my own personal opinion and really dont give a ### what yall have to say about it!
    You stingy ### are complaining b/c u didnt get ur poor ###in $50 reward
    The website is if your computer system is not going to it... that not att's problem
    When you order dsl $50 is automatically sent out to you and it takes 3 to 4 weeks for you to recieve it.
    Now any other cash back that is promised to you is strickly att employees issuing it to you but most of the time we say we are going to send it out and than never do... cry me a river
    but if you are the lucky ones who actually does get it then u have to wait 3 weeks to go to the site to redeem the money and then it takes 3 to 4 weeks for you to recieve it! So lets just clear that ### up right now!!
    You people are the reason America is so ###in stingy, lazy, and down right ###in pathetic!! All you all think about is money and ofcourse yourselves!! if you need that cash back THAT BAD (and i am not nearly rich) then you need to think about a new career.
    Please people call in for other reason than just to ###!
    Also, if you all really want to save money FORREAL than i think you will all be happy to know that we just re-made all our services just kept the same names for them.
    So if you all are looking to save money then call in and ask for our new : Complete Choice Enhanced
    Only home phone services: $40 monthly
    includes: Unl Local calling, Unl Long distance within the united states Free Voicemail
    caller id, call waiting, call forwarding, call blocking, three way, call return, call trace...
    with your voicemail it comes with call forwarding busy line and call forwarding dont answer to check your messages away from home all the features and voicemail is 100% FREE now if you add any extras this is where people go wrong... they think they are getting this free in the package inside wire protection and equipment maint privacy director.
    Home phone and dsl service
    dsl ultra: $62.95 includign home phone serv
    xtreme 3.0 $67.95
    6.0:$72.95 this includes all the things that i stated above
    I know i was being mean but i hate when people complain about stupid ###...
    if you have dish 200 channels: $ 122.95
    now all of this is not including tax please understand we as employees cannot include tax every state is different on taxes so therefore we do not quote anything with tax!!!
    You all have a great DAY!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR

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  • Ma
      Jan 08, 2009

    I have not been surprised by my promised rebate that never came. I will not give up, for a few bucks I can take it to court.I have been told 3 times already it is in the mail, last time they said it will take 4 to 6 weeks, and now its been over 6 weeks and they tell me it was removed in October, but now they submitted it again. I should get it in 2 to 4 weeks, ( that's about when my next bill is do). I not only have had problems with the bills have been showing overcharges, and when I question them on it they credit me, but than the next bill shows overcharges. I spent a good 4 hours + on the phone with them today because of my bill, rebate, and I never wanted the E-Bill ( they just hooked me up to that, I never asked for it). Changing it back to the paper bill is as bad as getting my rebate. All I can say is maybe you better keep and eye on the phone company, next thing they will be doing is burying phone lines to your neighbors on your property.

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  • Gl
      Feb 11, 2009

    I recieved a phone call from a sales rep giving me info on a; rebate to switch to ATT and bunle my plans. I did and had to purchase equipment from ATT. No rebate yet! No web site from from flyer. I hope I dont have to conact Better B Burea! Was this fraud.How did my plan change if so. contact me
    Gloria Maggard
    916 Pinecreek Rd.
    Mayking Ky 41837

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  • Ba
      Feb 12, 2009

    I was told to go to this web site to get my $100.oo cash back seems there is no way to get it...what the heck...please forward the procedure...

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  • Do
      Feb 18, 2009

    we been told to send our copy of the reciept in order to get the rebate and we payed $99.99 dollars for the guitar hero dsl but it's been 2 1/2 months already and we never received anything yet. What is going on? please let me know.
    Thank you George and Dolores Castro

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  • Ca
      Mar 16, 2009

    Where do we sign up for the reward?
    Candace Ashley

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  • Ro
      Mar 23, 2009

    We signed up for dsl and given one price and later the price changed and was told we misunderstood. Then after a long battle and runaround over a year and eight months we hold a bogus check on one of two rebates which cost a $5.00 returned check charge. (Unable to locate account) This is false advertising and criminal check writing. Today's call
    was nonproductive as well. I am going to file with BBB in addition to persuing criminal charges.

    Thanks Ron & Ruth Williams

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  • Os
      Mar 26, 2009

    The rewards center website works just fine,, however, ATT just wants to make it difficult to pay out the rebates and gives their customers the run-around.

    Example, on the website it says that my $100 rebate check for signing up with their DSL was mailed on February 6, 2009, today is March 26, 2009. I SINCERELY doubt it'll take the post office over 45 days to deliver a piece of mail even with their slowest shipping service.

    I waited until about February 20 to start calling their rewards center at 1.877.258.1427 and yes, you will get a live person but all they will tell you is to "wait 10 more business days and then call back." BULL!

    So today I took a different approach and when Kathleen, Employee ID#:KP0414 gave me the "I've requested a further investigation for your check" crap I told her "NO, that is unacceptable, you people always tell me the same thing when I call. This time screw your investigation and keep it easy and re-issue the check, its as simple as a stop payment and re-issue of the check. " Her response, "OK, I have placed an order to re-issue the check and you should receive it in 7-10 business days."

    I will have to wait and see what happens cuz I'm getting ticked off as hell!

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  • Wi
      Mar 30, 2009

    I think it is time you made good on your promise. Either send a check or send me a credit card worth $100
    William F. Lynes

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  • Ru
      May 06, 2009

    I cannot find the web sire to get my rebate. what"t up.

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  • Be
      May 18, 2009

    1012 W CLAY RD
    VERSAILLES, MP/65084

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  • Yo
      May 27, 2009

    told to go to this website for reward, nothing happens!! waiting since april 3rd. conformation #P569T. this was for a visa gift of $75.00. now what!!! phone # [protected].

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  • Ly
      Aug 10, 2009


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  • Th
      Aug 10, 2009

    I was told to go on line and go to to get my rebate check only to find complaints and I do nt think that is nice. Please have someone contact me at [protected] and give me the info. that I need to receiv my $125.00 cash reward that at&t promise me.

    Thank You Thelma Carter

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  • Jn
      Aug 18, 2009

    i definately agree with every one of them. been a year and no reward just guess an employee got it /

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  • Mp
      Aug 25, 2009

    Just set-up a "Small Business Account" - I work for a corpoaration out of my home. BAD IDEA. I shouldve just got an extra residential line. My first bill? $388 - for ONE phone line and an Internet connection. Yes, I am supposed to have free long distance, but several companies, including United Telecom have been spamming me, and United Telecom actually changed my long distance. AT&T was nice enough to change it back. However, my bill is five pages long, and its already taken me three hours of my time sorting out. I didnt know I was entitled to a Rebate, until I asked. HINT: call 866.342.4271 and dont push ANY buttons. An operator will come on eventually. Let them process the rebate for you and get a confirmation code. Good luck. What a Racket.
    Poor old McDonalds would love to charge us an extra 15 cents for a hamburger, and these clowns charge $30 for a "connect charge" or some nonsense, and not a freakin thing anybody can do about it.

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  • Hj
      Sep 23, 2009

    Just like so many others, I am waiting for my Reward on new business service to be posted. It has been more than a month, and the site keeps telling me there is no reward posted yet. The ATT represent said there was a $75 rebate on the new service, nothing as of yet. ATT is a monopoly and is frauding its customers. Plain and simple. I will look for a better service!

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  • Sa
      Nov 14, 2009

    I was offered a gift certificate for signing up for faster DSL. Well my computer isn't going any faster and I want to cancel. I lost out on both. I will not be dupted by you again. Sandi

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