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I as a manager of Plumbing company received a call from sales manager from At&t about advertising in the online site of the pages. In the negotiations participated another manager from my company and me. The main reason for us to agree to the contract was that the sales manager Ren Johnson 10 times confirmed that we will stay on first page for one year, for the money we pay every month without additional change. Not on the first places but on first page. She promised she is sending package with papers where this is stated. After one week i received a call from another agent offering me to pay 3x more to At&t every month in order to stay on first page. Then i figured out we have been cheated by a crime syndicate. We discussed the problem and that the main reason for us to agree to the contract doesn't exist, which makes it invalid. We offered to them to cancel it or we will go to court. The answer we received was that we can't cancel for one year. Be aware of this racketeering scheme . After a month bill came but no papers. We are on second page and do not get any calls at all. They deserve taking them to court an sue them for the lies they sold me. For their racket business practices. And for racial discrimination.(Due to my accent they thought i don't understand what i am doing.)

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  •   Oct 02, 2009

    These Telemarketing companies are getting your company's profile from online, they are compiled by lead brokers also known as the "Chum of the ###". These lead brokers sit on the internet and gather business profiles then turn around and sell them to many different telemarketing offices for an exaggerated price.

    Your contact us page on your website should have the bare minimum on how to contact you. A full contact name is opening the door to how these telemarketing companies are getting in touch with you and your money.

    Example of a bad contact listing on a website:

    D&R Towing
    1234 Cherry Land Drive
    Spring Dale, Florida 98698
    e-mail : [protected]
    Business: [protected] Fax: [protected] cell: [protected]
    Contact: Dennis Flick

    As you can see, for a website to have this information posted, your website has now arranged for your business to be receiving these types of collection calls. Keep it simple by following these simple instructions:

    - Make up a phony name as a contact on your website . This is to see where the call are coming from.
    - Try to set up your contact us page so that the client has to leave their information with you . Example: your company's main email address, not your personal one.If you do not have one, create one just for this reason. There are many choices of email carriers available. Ex: Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc.

    This is one of many pointers SPG Consultants can help you with when dealing with collection harassment.

    While the government is bailing out the Automotive Industry and while the banks are fighting to get more money from the Federal Government, we as simple business owners, are left to fight our own battles.

    We know that Chrysler needs 3.5 billion dollars to keep the V8 Dodge Charger on the road, and we all know that in the last 5 years the banks haven't made a big enough profit to stay afloat. So while the government and Wall Street debate about their hand outs, business owners have to protect themselves by themselves. To my understanding, there are over 1 million telemarketers across Canada and the US all paying taxes for the money they steal from you. Guess who's making a profit from this money? Yes, you guessed right! The federal government. Corruption is greasing the pockets of the same people we've elected to protect us and to keep the Bernie Madoff's and Earl Jones away from our bottom lines.

    I urge you to visit my website and learn more about telemarketing fraud and how to protect yourself...KNOW YOUR RIGHTS and stand up to fight against this injustice.

    Spg Consultants

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  • Ab
      Oct 03, 2009

    I decided to take a chance on (Berry)Local Insight media and ordered ad space in about 15 different books. I have yet to receive one call in an entire year. I am a very busy business owner and keep pushing this out of my mind for more urgent tasks but while driving to a job I phoned a friend to do some research for me. ZILTCH. I went directly to their website and did a look up in my own town. Nothing.
    I am not there. I have been paying for over 6 mnths for something I don't have. I am in no hurry to pay them.

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  • Re
      Feb 02, 2010

    I am sorry that you are not happy with yellowpages. I was looking online a found a website that you can have a FREE ebillboard. Just go to I was talking to my friend Mike he told me that he setup a ebillboard and he is happy with the site. He told me that you can go on and change any thing and with out calling one person to do it for him. He said that he can upload his business logo or other photos or up to a 5 min video.He said on this site and did not cost him a dime to setup. I hope this helps you? Have a great day.

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