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AT&T Worldnet / poor customer service

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I have had this account with att for 6-7 years. I usually pay for one year at the time as it is only 10.00 per effect I usually have a credit balance. I do not actually use their dial up service, I have roadrunner. Because I wanted to keep the email addresses and use their web page, I maintained the account. May 6th I received a bill from them for 22.00, saying if I didn't pay it by may 10th that my service would be suspended. On may 8th I could not log in to pick up my email. The next twenty four hours was something out of the twilight zone. I did not get one person who spoke english as their first language. I ask to speak to a supervisor, five different times, I was hung up on, told I was not going to be put through to a supervisor, told the supervisor was too busy to talk to me, why my email is critical to me is no ones business, its personal, finally I gave in and put the 22.00 on a credit card. I have heard so many horror stories about att and credit cards I was reluctant to give them my number. I had att telephone service, but they kept double billing me and going around in a circle so I finally just cancelled it. About four weeks after I canceled the phone service, I got a check for the amount they had doubled billed me. Again no one spoke english. When att called me asking me to come back, believe it or not, they spoke english! Feel free to guess my answer. Even though they promised me all kinds of extras. After I put the 22.00 on my credit card, I called the next morning to see why my service was still not restored. Another round of stress inducing calls. Can't tell you how angry I am. I am in the process of changing my email addresses over. Very lengthy and involved. But I will cancel att worldnet shortly. By the way they continued to bill me for two months after I switched to cincinatti bell.

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      10th of Apr, 2007
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    AT&T Worldnet - Unauthorized charges on CC
    United States

    While in the hospital for a week, I purchased a Month of service from ATT WorldNet. I used their dial-up for four days; however, agreed to pay for the month as that was how they billed. I paid $20.00 for unlimited access with local access. When I was released and got home and I canceled the subscription and figured I would see a $20.00 charge on my credit card account. However, today I see a charge for $233 on my credit card and I called ATT immediately. I talk with the first representative and she could not understand a word I was saying and ended up just hanging up after becoming frustrated she could not speak English. I call a second time and get a women who said she could not help me as I did not know the email and password for the account (remembering I used it in the hospital for 4 days for college and canceled it after being released). I asked if I could use my CC number or billing address to access the account and she says no. I explained the situation and said I needed help with this ASAP, she went silent and would not say a word. I kept saying hello... hello... and she would say yes... and then say nothing more. Finally after 15 minutes of her silence I demanded to speak with a supervisor who could access my account. In return, I held for 15 and finally the phone started to ring on the other end - it did that for 10 minutes before I hung up. I then called back and was put on hold once again this time the person did not speak English and could not understand a word I was saying. I said please can I speak with a supervisor, he said someone would call me back in 72 hours. I said I would not wait 72 hours and wanted to speak to someone now! After remaining persistent and pointing out he really didn't understand my problem, I was forwarded to a supervisor (so I was told). I explained to the supervisor my situation and he gained access into the account. He told me the charges were due to my use of their 888 number (10c minute). I said I bought unlimited hours and did not use a 888 number as I picked out local access numbers. He said "I am sorry". I said sorry for what, he said "I am sorry there is nothing I can do". I said I wanted my money back. He kept saying I used an 888 number for four days in the hospital. I said why would I pay 10c a minute when I just purchased unlimited minutes and had three local access numbers. He said "login in and see what number the modem uses". I said that I deleted the account from my modem after I canceled the account - I had cable at home and had no need for my modem. He said "opps... we can't help you. Since you can not login using the modem we will not credit you - I am sorry". I told him if he could not help me to give me the number of the person above him, he refused! He said there was no person above him and there was no one else I could speak too. It turns out they have no complaint department and supervisors looking over their customer service department. He finally hung up on me after I kept repeating that this matter was not resolved and I was not satisfied with the call. I can't believe this company, they care nothing for their customers and the clincher is I have my cell phone account through them. I am not sure what to do. I have never dealt with a company that did not have a customer service supervisor or a complaint department. I have other account I am thinking about closing with your company including a 2 year cell contract.

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      3rd of Dec, 2007
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    i was sent 2 ggw videos without purchasing. dum dum's

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