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AT&T Wireless Services / wireless services

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Where do I begin? Maybe I should list each of the problems individually.

1. In September of last year, we were told there was a promotion for Iphone 6 users to trade in their fully paid off phones for a free Iphone 7. We went into the store and they said they couldn't handle it there-we had to wait for AT&T to send us pre-paid labels and boxes. Once we received the boxes, we took the label, stuck it on the box, put our phones in and shipping them back to the store. Months came and went and they kept billing us for our new Iphone 7s. My husband called AT&T dozens of times during the course of 9 months to get them to credit the phones we traded in. At first they said they never received them! Then they said the labels that were included in the box were only for returning the new phones they mailed us back to them (that's strange because they never mailed me a phone-I got my 7 at the store). It's also complete trickery if that's the case because they know people will assume the label provided is for shipping the old phones back to them and now they can claim "you mailed it to the wrong warehouse". My mom is dealing with the same problem with my brother's phone and hasn't gotten any credits back yet. We were told we finally got credits back, but they haven't been applied to any of our bills! What's the point of these empty credits then?!

2. While trying to resolve another issue, they accidentally divulged that they've been charging my husband Roadside Assistance for over 3 years and he never asked for that, nor did he even know he'd been paying it!

3 I went overseas on their $40 international data plan. The plan was used up 80% by nighttime the day I arrived in London. I had my husband call AT&T and ask why the plan was being used up so fast and they told him, "don't worry-your plan resets every day." I found that strange because the days after that, I kept getting messages saying "you're now $50, $100 over your data plan." I was weary that I might be going way over, but he called 3 times and they gave him that answer 3 times! I thought if that's what they're telling him, then they must be right and these messages must be glitches. Of course, when we get our bill, the charges are suddenly $180 for the data. I call them and they change the plan to the daily plan that renews every day at $10/day for 9 days and I end up paying $90, $50 over what I was expecting to pay. It's a scam! There's no way they didn't see that the plan we were on was NOT the daily plan and this is how they get people to pay way more every time they travel. The $40 option is complete bs because the minute you land, your e-mails, texts, everything that uses data bombards your phone and uses up the small about of MB that plan gives you right away! You use it thinking you have enough for whole trip, but it disappears in less than a day and you're not happy paying $40 for having barely used it, so you automatically change to the daily plan and they make more money!

4. When you're a dual customer (wireless and tv/internet services), you get transferred between departments for at least an hour and end up speaking with no one who can help, which means one of those departments is lying. First you have to get transferred from customer service to billing for wireless, then they say they can't handle your case because you're a dual customer and must go to dual billing, then dual billing says it's not their department, so..who can even help? Not to mention, when they're transferring you, they just send you right back to the telephone prompter to end up getting you sent right back to them!! The most frustrating system ever.

Jul 15, 2017

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