AT&T Wirelessdropped calls


As an Apple user of more than 20 years, I was excited to see Apple's entrance into the wireless market. I switched to AT&T July 2008 when the Apple iPhone 3G came out. The BIGGEST mistake I have ever made. The only reason I switched was to get the Apple iPhone. Verizon was great, I NEVER dropped a call with the exception of the time I was in the middle of the Arizona desert.

To this day, I have never received the rebates promised for my wife and son's phone. (They opted for a Razor and a Shine) We added the high end DSL Service. Road Runner was 8 meg down and 512k up. AT&T was 950k down and 128K up. After a month I canceled and went back to Road Runner. Of course the AT&T Store would not take back my router as it has been more than 30 days.

Dropped calls: For the last 5 years I have traveled all over the country. Verizon was NEVER a problem. I would say I drop 2 to 3 calls a day even with the phone set on 2G. Multiply that by 365 days in a year and you get 730 to 1095 calls dropped in a years time. My wife is a Realtor and she is ready to kill me!! She drops calls on a regular basis as well.

There needs to be a Class Action Lawsuit against AT&T regarding their lack of service and Apple needs to wake up!! I am done with AT&T as of today regardless of the early termination fees.


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