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It been two months since I returned a bluetooth device purchased on the AT&T Premier website. I was given a return label and asked to ship it, which I did. I even found that AT&T received it at their facility in Fort Worth Texas.

Ever since then, I've been on the phone with AT&T representatives for no less than an hour each time. They take forever to come on the line, then they take forever to find the order number, and each time, they give me a different story on how returns are processed in this company. First, I heard that I need to call and tell AT&T that they've received my return so they can credit it to my account. Then, I am told that I need to wait for two billing cycles for the credit to show up automatically and I don't need to do anything. Then, when I call back again, I am told that they can't locate the order. After several such calls, I am finally told that they've found it and its noted on my account, and they will go ahead and credit it right then and there.

And then, the credit does not show up anywhere! So I call again, and no one has a clue about the credit or the order. The Premier Support rep tells me this is a customer service issue and transfers me there. The customer service rep says this is a support issue, and tries to contact the support people. Then the call drops!! Aaarghh.. I have to start all over again.

I am trying hard to figure out how to sue them over this in a small claims court. If you know of a better place to sue, please let me know. Thank you so much.

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  • Ma
      Dec 02, 2008

    Same issue i am facing nowe. I returned Iphone in september30 its been 2months i didnt received my refund. I called for return almost 10 times to get my refund.
    i called support they are forwarding to order management what they used to call, After giving all the details to ordermanagement the call will get dropped in last phase. i asked them to call back but there policies won't agree.

    I been like ATT customer for more than 2 years. This is how they are treating there customers.

    Where i can file these complaints?

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