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AT&T Wireless / billing scam

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My elderly mother-in-law had an AT&T Cellular phone. She has been ill this year, in and out of the hospital. Her previous live-in friend put the account on automatic direct pay from my mother-in-law's bank account in the spring to insure it was paid while she was in the various hospitals. All went well through the August 2008 payment. When AT&T submitted the e-check for Sept it apparently was returned for insufficient funds but we were never notified until the bill was sent to collections in early Nov. In researching the problem we have documented that the account never went below $8.5K during the period and that AT&T never attempted to access her accounts for payment after August 18th. An AT&T Customer Service Rep also provided the alleged bank account and routing numbers on which the Sept 08 e-check was submitted, and they do not match anything within that Bank's entire system. We have provided all the information and documentation to AT&T in writing on 3 occasions to date, and can not get any response or information from them. They have also refused to provide a copy of the e-check which was reportedly returned. To make matters worse, the outside collection agency has been verbally harrassing her with repeat phone calls, they have contacted the national credit bureau agencies, and she is now unable to write checks to pay for purchases or bills as they are being rejected and returned. And her account is still above $8K. We have now contacted the NH State A.G., Consumer Reports, the Better Business Bureau, our State Senator, and tomorrow a lawyer to pursue the case.

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  • Re
      22nd of Dec, 2009
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    i feel that all persons who feel they are being ripped off we need to submit a civil action lawsuit ive been reading other compliants and they are truely deceving people ive got 3 bills in the pass 3 months and i have no service . in oct i had back surgery and was not getting a pay check . i too my last 100.00 and payed on my bill
    in oct 09 i got abill for 147.00 and paid 100.00 oweing 47.00 on the 24 oct my phone was cut off due to and when i went to pay my past due bill which was 190.00 they told me they canceled my service and it was not 190.00 it was 322.00. which was the 31 Nov 09.i told them no problem i see what i could do.then i asked if thats all i owed to catch up the bill he said yes then he told me let me see if i can help you get that amount down so i held on for him to return and when he can back on he then told me that id have to pay that plus 800.00. i asked him why so much he told me it was the credit deposit and it was based on my credit but once i put that up i would get it back in a year. and then he told me they had cancelled my contract as of that day i told him i did not have that sum of money and i only pay 99.00 for the phone and then i asked him if they cancelled my service on the 24 oct why was i still being billed for a service i no longer was getting he stated it was in my contract now i signed up back in 2005 which was 4 years a ago and all i have done since then was up graded twice and i don't remember alot of or any of the thing he quoted over the phone about me being billed and then he told me due to my phone being turned off twice for lateness that why my deposit was so high and thoes times i waswith cingular and it was for no more than a day or two. since i spoke with them and received that 322.00 bill in which i did not pay due to i had not used the phone since oct 09 i gotten a bill for 599.00 for Nov 09, and on the 5th dec 09 one for 1000.00 now a letter from a colection agency. ive taken to time to look at these bill and seen im being charged for internet, TV, downloads, and the phone does not wor and has not been working since the 24 oct 09 yes they are ripping people off and i ging to find out what needs to be done to stop this.
    an abused customer

  • Ro
      14th of Nov, 2010
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    There is no denying that AT&T is often not the best company in terms of customer care, products or services. This "Cingular" makeover is, at best, a slap in the face to the history of AT&T back when it was the "Ma Bell" monopoly. Perhaps the 'break up" into these "baby Bells" did more harm than good, since they've joined forces with one another in various ways and not always with the best of outcomes.

    I was once an AT&T Wireless customer (during the black Motorola RAZR craze), but I quickly got out of that contract when actual wireless service quality did not meet my expectations. Keep in mind that no wireless carrier in the U.S. offers any type of promise of network performance, but at the very minimum, they should be able to guarantee a quality customer service experience.

    My current gripe is about a potentially fraudulent matter which I am hoping is more of a email scam/virus and not an actual case of identity theft. It's presently hard to tell if my gripe should be with AT&T, Maritz Research or just some opportunistic identity whore on the internet. On Nov 1 and Nov 4, I received two emails from the Maritz Research company - both referencing a recent purchase at the Tanasabourne Center Store in Oregon involving an AT&T RSC (Retail Sales?) rep by the name of Peter Erickson-Knight. Today I receive an email telling me that my AT&T wireless account was ready for review online. The several problems here are I have NEVER been to Oregon, NEVER purchased anything from the Tanasabourne Shopping Center and NEVER interacted with Peter Erickson-Knight. My last purchase/interaction with AT&T was before 2006 to the best of my knowledge; this was back when they were still using th CINGULAR name before the transition back to AT&T.

    At first I dismissed the emails as spam and had no intention of interacting with AT&T or Maritz, but now I have to take time out of my day and drive to the local AT&T store and hope they can at least look in their computer system to see if the account quoted in the latest email is a real one and if so, what information they have on the person who may have used my Yahoo! email address in a fraudulent manner. If an actual case of fraud wasn't committed, then I can only assume that AT&T matched my Yahoo! email address to another customer with a similar or identical name. This won't be the first time that I've been linked to another person's information, and I'm sure it won't be the last given the often indifferent, often careless manner in which so many Americans approach their job responsibilities and the quality of their work product. Based on past interactions with AT&T, I just have to assume this ISN'T going to be easy.

  • Pe
      16th of Apr, 2013
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    Howdy, This is the rep from this complaint. When I worked for AT&T there a lot of mixed up emails or incorrectly entered emails. I can assure you I always compared ID to accounts and verified customers thoroughly. Please remove this complaint so I don't have it coming up in Google searches. Thank You

  • Pe
      18th of Dec, 2013
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    Please remove this comment/complaint as it is causing me to come into question both professionally and socially. I will continue to post and email until it is done. Thank You.

  • Co
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    AT&T Wireless - unwilling to accept check
    United States

    I authorized a check to be drawn on my account dated for the 14th of the following month. Low and behold the payment processing center tried to put the check though on the 30th, the 6th and the 9th. Of course there was no money in the account because it was be the 14th. My bank charged me 25.00 each time. I called AT&T on the 9th and they said that they would reund the charges my bank charged me. They did for 50.00. Unknown to me, as I was on the phone with AT&T they tried to cash the check again. Another 25.00 charges to my account . I cal;led again and they wouldn't take a check over the phone because the last one was returned 3 times. This wasn't my fault, it was the payment deptartments fault; they tried to cash a check before the due date on the check and they also have tis on file when I posted the check for the 14th. What do I do now?


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