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AT&T / at&t cannot correct their own incorrect billing

1 AT&T cannot correct their own incorrect billingWestmont, United States Review updated:
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Since I moved and started new phone and internet services, I have been billed incorrectly every single month from AT&T. They incorrectly added someone else's account to my bill, and every month, my husband and I make multiple phone calls, waste lots of time on hold and being transferred to the appropriate people, to be told that the issue has been resolved. The account reps give us our "correct" bill total and we pay. The next month, the bill has not been corrected, so we end up with a past due amount for someone else's services (whose name is actually appearing on our bill!), a threatening notice about disconnection of service and bill collection agencies, and a new total that also includes this person's services for the current month. Every time we receive a bill, we call again, with the names of the account reps we've talked to in the past, and all of our "confirmation codes" that were supposed to re-assure us that this issue was taken care of. And every month, we call several times, spend lots of time on hold, and are told that "everything has been taken care of", when clearly, since each bill is still incorrect, it is not. My husband and I moved to this address almost 9 months ago and they still have not corrected their own billing mistake.

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  • Mi
      31st of May, 2008
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    You'll read my story too about being billed for my son's advertising with the Yellow Pages. After doing what you have done for 9 months, I'm finally dumping AT&t for Brighthouse.

    YOU may want to think about switching too, AT&T gave me the run around in the past also but today I have a choice.

    Mimi Rauch

  • De
      29th of Aug, 2008
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    AT&T - Digital cable at its worst
    United States

    Where do I start with At&t's completely bogus attempt at offering digital cable. Firstly it is not even offered by At&t it's a company called Dish net. So you spend half your time arguing and helping these to ###ic companies communicate to each other. For example my At&t bill had one price and when i called the dish net the, had a completely differnt price. So I spent 6 hours going back and forth between these two companies to help them communicate to eachother. This is only half the story, I didn't even mention the 3rd party technician who don't even work for Dish net and the company dosn't even know who they are untill they do something wrong.

    The end of the story. Don't be fouled by some stupid bundle advert from At&t, they don't know or even have cable tv services. Hey why don't you just stick to what you know At&t?

    ...currently still on hold.

    dennis in California

  • Br
      22nd of Sep, 2008
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    I have told them five times that they have lost one payment that was over a year ago and they still deny it. They want you to clean up their messes. It doesn't matter if you dispute the charges, because you still have to do their work. ATT wants you to make your payments in a unreliable computer machine or charge you extra for paying them. The problem is: I had a good service with Pacific Bell and this cooporate monster just took over my account without my choice. Had I chose them, that would be my mistake. However, they took over me and charged me unjustly with hidden charges.

  • Ju
      1st of Nov, 2008
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    att is damaging their repution. I have been a customer 20 years and since the merger, be careful check your bills. I have cut all services off from att and gone with a new provider and very pleased with my new provider. Att has not taken care of my concern. I have been on hold numerous times up to 1/2 hour without any results if anyone has made a complaint about misrepresentation by att let me know so I can submit my complaint. From A Very Dissatified Customer

  • Da
      13th of Nov, 2008
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    its not cable... its satellite diffrent concept and when i had it it went out on sunny days soooo... ...still on hold!!!

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