ATT Uverseu-verse internet

ATT Failure to provide promised service. My house is 3300 feet from the Dmrc. I pay for 25mb and the best possible speed is 17mb due to the reduced bandwidth available on copper lines. Several ATT techs have stated a second pair of lines would resolve the issue, hence the industry term bonded pair. Putting a pair of services to one household essentially doubling the capability. Evidently asking for such a request is like wanting missile launch codes. After multiple calls/headaches I was able to arrange to have a Bonded pair installation appointment made..See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Santa Rosa, CA A rep from ATT contacted me the night before the appointment nervously explaining possible compensation for the over billing and the install of the bonded pair. In my opinion she dam well knew this install wasn't going to happen. The technician showed up late and looked at me without expression when I had to tell him why he was at my door. The excuse was the appointment was set up as a repair and not an installation. The appointment was clearly set for the BP made on Jan 20th to be done today Feb 1st. I'm paying $250 dollars a month to ATT for speeds I am not receiving.

Feb 01, 2017

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