ATT Uverse / payment

I have paid my last bill with U-Verse twice and now it's been put on my credit report. He last time I paid it was 2016 when I was trying to get direct tv in my condo and was told that I had a 7( dollar balance that needed to be taken care of before I could get services. I told them I paid it already but they argued that I hadn't. Since I could not prove that I had paid it because I was with a different bank, I paid it again. I was on the phone with the agent when he confirmed the payment went through and the technician was scheduled to come out. Now a year later I've received collection calls and it's been placed on my credit report. If it was something I had not paid more than once I wouldn't care but I have taken care of this and have had at&t services since so my question is why is it still being put on my credit?

Nov 18, 2017

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