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I usually don't go out of my way to post complaints, but there's only so a guy can take. The AT&T Uverse (Pverse seems more appropriate) is a sub standard product that AT&T is over selling. I received this call from AT&T promising a $200 gift card for switching from my current provider, Cox. I was told that the product would be equal to my current provider package at a savings of $50 month. This wasn't an intro rate either. Anyway, I went for the deal and regretted it beginning with the installation process. Only four of my five TVs worked when they were finished installing the goofy boxes. Then came the actual use of the system which was slow, lacked music channels, and had basic viewing channels spread out from 2-999. On day three, I told them to disconnect the service. I sent the equipment back via UPS, where the clerk that waited on me said people were returning these U verse products by to AT&T every week. It’s easy to understand why. Anyway I called Cox to ask for forgiveness. Cox was happy to have me back and came out and undid the damage ATT caused, and got all five of my TVs working at $0 cost.


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      Aug 19, 2010

    My name is Andrew, and I am an attorney in Houston, Texas. A class action in Oklahoma was recently filed agaist ATT related to the failure of Uverse to live up to its advertised standard. To read more you can visit my law firm's website:

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