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AT&T / uverse

1 United States

Called for a new router using what is suppose to be a landline. When I called the voice said "are you calling about the service connected with the account"... Silence... No number given. We could connect to the router but not the internet. Said they would ship one out and it will arrive the next day. No router came so my husband calls them and they blame it on ups saying they dropped the ball. I call ups and they never received any router to ship. All routers for twenty years have came from 30 miles away in nashville but when I tracked this supposed shipment it was coming from laredo tx and heading north then south to us but had not been received. I call again and "prince" or "zeus" says we dont ship routers you must have a tech visit. Tech comes and does not give us the router but one did come in the mail same day. We do not have voi (not supposed to have voip) nor tv only internet and a landline. The router they sent from mexico border is a voip router that we cannot disable sip nor ipv6! I always disable these and with this router it is not possible. I am sick with stage four cancer and just having it on, regardless if in use, makes me feel like I have an elephant sitting on my chest and I cant get my breath. Every time our phone rings every appliance with a fan in it starts playing tv/radio. I want a normal router asap. This has gone on since the line was installed in 2012. Call are routed both incoming and outgoing and I never know if I am really talking with the bank, etc, or not. The first month of service we were hacked from nigeria and australia! Went to bank to file against these and they were to call me back on monday. When they didn't call I called them and they said they talked with me and I said it was a mistake and to forget it. Same thing with paypal when I called to put my account on hold. I expect a call from at&t by friday or there will be legal charges against you. I am done with this. You are the most crooked company there has ever been. I cant wait till god's recompense against you. I will not shead a year for you.
Anyone who reads this please go to and read about their patents. Pure evil. Adding extra emf and so much more.
You have stolen my life at&t. Even the dog is sick. What goes aroud comes around.

Dec 10, 2018

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