AT&T / unethical behavior, unauthorized phone charges

Meridian, MS, United States

On 12/29/16 I went in to upgrade my old phone. The cashier informed me that there were a few free gifts which came with the purchase of the phone I was getting. I was excited about the free gifts, who wouldn't be. My husband & I were there for over 3-4 hrs listening to this cashier talk about the free products as well as trying to get my information from my old phone to the new one and the information to the free gifts (a watch, and a tablet). I was really excited about my free gifts. It had taken her some time however she put everything in a bag and then went on to my husbands new phone. She could not get the information off of his old phone onto his new phone and we had been there for so long, she told him they were having problems and we had to leave so they just gave him his new phone and he said he would try and put the information on his self. I was excited about my new phone and gifts. During the middle of the month I get a bill for my tablet and watch which was supposed to be free and then I am going to be charged monthly for these items also I was not told that we would be under a contract which would have to be cancelled within 14 days. Our daughter just had major surgery and we have been back and forth to the hospital with her. It wasn't until we received this bill that we saw all the charges and that we would be billed monthly for the tablet and watch. We went back to ATT and found out that the cashier had been fired and when we tried to explain what went on the manager told us that we had 14 days to return the items and that it was too late. We tried to tell him that his cashier told us the products were free and she did not tell us about the 14 day contract that all we wanted to do was return the watch and tablet, they have not been used. He then took our telephone numbers and told us that he would bring the situation to his manager and that his manager would call us. I do not need these items I only took them because I was told they were free, I am over 60 and do not need nor will use this watch which to me is for much younger folk. Also I have 2 tablets already. I would not have taken either if the cashier who waited on us did not tell us they were free. We have heard nothing from this manager or his manager. On my bill it states that I will be bill monthly for the tablet and watch for the next 2 yrs also a $260 activation fee. I should not have to be billed for 2 yrs for something I was told was free in the beginning and am not going to use & they cannot speak with the cashier that told us this because they fired her. We are still trying to get in touch with this manager's manager.

Jan 30, 2017

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