AT&T u-verse / incorrectly charged

Acquired ATT service Feb 2017 in unit 317. A year later, we moved across the hall in the same building in unit 316. The tech arrived to install the service and immediately knew there was a problem. According to the tech, the way the service was setup, it created in installation problem. After 5 hours, the tech completed the installation. The tech stated to us that this installation will become a problem with billing. A month after installation, we get a call from the leasing office stating that the new tenant could not get ATT service because there was still service active in the previous tenants name(MINE). I immediately contacted ATT and they told me they did not show any service other than unit 316. So I told this information to the leasing office. The new tenants had issues for 2 weeks trying to get service in unit 317. In March 2017, I received a letter from the collection agency about a $320.23 billing. I contacted the collection agency and disputed the charge and they told me I needed to contact ATT about it. After speaking with ATT the first time in March 2017, I was told they would submit the information and get it rectified. Meanwhile, I was getting daily calls from the collection agency. Long story short, I spoke to 10 different representatives and this is still not resolved. The last rep I spoke to actually was more detailed with dates of service to determine if the billing was overlapping and it was. She apologized to me for all of the inconvenience and said she was going to submit this information to the manager (or whomever) and that they would send the correspondence to the collection agency so I will no longer get calls from the collection agency. I quit getting the calls, so I assumed that they finally fixed the problem. Well needless to say, I received another letter from a different collection agency than the previous one. This has been an ongoing issue for 9 months now. I do not understand why this is such a difficult task for ATT to fix. This company has a lot of internal issues to fix. I need help to resolve this matter before it is placed on my credit. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Nov 16, 2017

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