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AT&T U - Verse / lack of service & commitment

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The following are the situations & circumstances I went through with becoming a new AT&T customer. Please read the following as I hope we can come to a resolution on the following issues:

1. AT&T missed appointment schedule at 8:00am-10:00am

2. I took off & loss a days pay to wait for the technician who did not arrive till 8pm.

3. I called several times which I waited each time 45 minutes to reach the dispatching dept. to find out when AT&T is coming. I was told to keep calling back as no one has picked up the ticket.

4. As the day went by I asked to leave the house temporarily to get lunch & was told not to leave as he could come any minute. He did not arrive till 8pm and I was not able to get neither lunch nor dinner since I had to wait for him to start connecting u-verse.

5. AT&T arrived at 8pm and worked till 9:30pm 2 hours connecting u-verse which never worked and he had to disconnect u-verse & connect me back to my cable company.

6. When the AT&T technician connected me back to my cable company, I had no telephone service for 3 weeks since AT&T had already pulled the telephone number from my cable company (Charter Communications).

7. The AT&T technician said I would be a priority since it was not connected properly. I then find out I could not be connected to u-verse till 1 month after. There was absolutely no priority for my case.

8. My family ended up using our cell phones to call people and paid extra for minutes used.

9. I received several phone calls from AT&T telephone dept, asking me to call Charter Communications and ask them to re-connect my telephone line so AT&T can pull the number again. After spending an hour trying to explain to Charter Comm what AT&T wanting me to do, they finally did it but charged my account a re-connect fee. I told AT&T the phone number was re-activated and I was assured the phone number was pulled again for importing.

10. Different representatives from AT&T called me several times thereafter asking me if the number was pulled. I told the 3 or 4 different reps that called me the whole story and it was apparent that no one read the notes from the prior telephone calls to me.

11. I took off the 2nd time for the installation between 8 & 10am and they did not arrive till 4pm. I lost another days pay since this is the 2nd time the installer missed the appt. at the time designated.

12. The installer connected the internet & cable and could not install the telephone because he said AT&T did not import the phone number, after all the conversations I had with them throughout the month & them ensuring the telephone number was imported.

13. The u-verse technician put me on the phone again with the telephone dept who let me know that they would give me a temporary phone number after they tried to sell me on additional services from AT&T. I could not get anymore disgusted at the gentlemen trying to sell me more services at such an inappropriate time.

14. I called Charter again to activate the phone number and they told me they would not activate it again until a discrepancy in billing was resolved with them first.

15. I received the bill from AT&T which included bundled & pro-rated charges for a service that was never running correctly.

16. The $100 gift card was never received, but I did receive the rebate check.

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      17th of Apr, 2009
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    I agree, AT&T U-verse should not even try to compete with comcast or any onther TV services. Their servces sucks, they do not even know how to repair or troubleshoot their own hardware. They have left a 72 year old lady without a phone line after switching over to AT&T Uverse. She can not make or recieve any calls. If her house was to catch on FIRE AT&T would be a fault since they are not willing to fix their equipment. They should be hung and should not even try to compete with Comcast or satelite TV. They Suck...

  • Do
      25th of Sep, 2009
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    I have had bad service aquiring u-verse. I purchased a computer at best buy . While there I signed up for at&t wi fi which I cancelled after one month because we went over user time . Costed to much .Next we signed up for u-verse I took off a day of work only to find out were to far away from their box. I was told again by salesman on phone guaranteed hookup this time or I will buy lunch. I took the day off work again only to hear I was to far away from their box again.Weres my lunch liar. Door salesman at&t comes to the house we told him we have been turned down twice before.He insisted the box had been moved closer . Once again Itook off work again installer told me I was to far away to recieve.He left I had to call him back my phone was disconnected . He came back four hours later.AT&T called back were told a line would be ran right to our house. Once again took off work and no showed up this time waited three hours called various phone # only to hear our records show your too far away.I was told were sorry we will take you off our mailing list.Any way here is the account 1040264429

  • Ve
      20th of Nov, 2009
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    I have had nothing but trouble with customer service from AT&T. They make Charter look like saints. Here is my laundry list of complaints.
    1) Signed up for U-Verse and internet, but declined phone since we only use cells. They won't stop asking about me hooking up a phone.
    2) 1/2 hour after my scheduled Saturday install window the installer calls to cancel the appointment. I call AT&T to cancel the service, and call the sales rep to tell him that he was wrong about the customer service being so great. He convinces me to sign back up and offers an additional $100.00 off for a total of $200.00 rebate.
    3) Install comes on time and is the laziest installer I have ever seen. Leaves cables laying around and hooks my cable up to the front of my TV, not the back. I make him fix it before he leaves.
    4) After a month we don't see a bill, so we call. Apparently we are past due, they sent my email bill, which I did NOT signup for, to my old charter email not my new AT&T email. We complain, they remove the late fee, fix the email address and set us up for paper billing.
    5) I didn’t receive any rebate, discount for the first 6-months, or anything that was promised on the rate. We complained and they “opened an investigation”. After a month we finally received a credit and a $100.00 gift card.
    6) Bill doesn't come, we are two months behind, AT&T says they can take care of that right now if we given them our checking account information. My wife laughs at them. There is no way they will ever have authorization to draft my checking account. Again they say they have us set up for paper billing and fix the email address and are sending out a bill.
    7) We pay the bill and call a couple of weeks later to see our status. They received our payment, but we missed the cut-off of for the paper billing so we are late again. They send us out another bill, and say they will give us credit.
    8) At each of the payment issues above we tried to change our options and were told that they will not change anything until we are paid in full. We complained several times. The last time we were finally able to make a change even though our account was not up-to-date due to their billing issues.
    9) My fourth billing cycle and we finally received a bill on time, we are current, and the credits the promised are there, but it took way to many attempts to fix this. Would you like phone service too? NO!
    10) We noticed a low-level (not loud), but very high-pitched noise coming from the box. My wife noticed it a couple of weeks before I did. It only got worse so we finally called AT&T. They said if it is making that noise it is a fire hazard, turn the box of immediately. They are sending out a repairman tomorrow and offering a small credit for the lost service. Okay, why isn't there a recall? AT&T says they are waiting for people to call about the noise. What!? What if the noise starts when you are out-of-town, asleep, if you are hearing impaired? This is a serious and potentially dangerous issue. This last part I have reported.

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