AT&T U - Verse And Telephone Servicefalse information and billing

Good day! In filing this complaint I would start with installation, AT&T sent me the equipment to install my U-verse internet service and on their instructions they left out a very important step in order for activation. I called AT&T in which they sent out two techs and attempted to place a $55.00 charge on me for what was not even the problem. I did not pay that charge but call them, meaning AT&T back with reference information and they in turn sent out another tech. After listing to that tech I then realize the problem and we got it corrected, at no charge because I made them aware of what they had done. If continuation of this AT&T explained to me after a conversation with customer service that my telephone bill and my internet service would be on the same bill now less the two credits of the first $55.00 dollar charge and an additional charge of $75.00 for a modem I returned back to them. Yesterday I received a now internet bill of $95.62 along with already had received, a telephone bill of $56.36 with charges of phone calls I did not make. After speaking with a gentleman there in the customer service I explained to him of these incorrect charges less the telephone charges in which he said I would be contacted by someone in the company. Hey, I don't trust this company but at this time do have the service so just to make you aware of what they are doing or trying to do is in direct correlation with this complaint and ask if indeed you have contact with the company to administer your services to force then to honor what was first explained to me In regards to my bill being combined, omitting this additional U-verse charge and receiving my credit for the modem I returned, and clearing up these phone charges that are not associated with my calling. In regards to everything listed beside the now phone charges all this was relayed to me when I started this service about two months ago. Date of this complaint: 09/19/2010

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