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AT&T / telephone scams started after filing an insurance claim

1 United States

When filing a insurance claim to replace an insurance damaged iPhone we were met with an incredible struggle from the insurance company. First they wanted proof by my texting them a copy of my drivers license. This wasn't enough, then they wanted the last four digits of my SSN. They replaced the iPhone8 with a different color (white not gray) and it was refurbished. I now understand that this is "in the fine print of the contract." Also, that given that it is a later model that there is no guarantee of color, etc. The insurance company employee and supervisor were incredibly defensive. It is only when working directly with an AT&T employee I gained some satisfaction as a long term customer of AT&T. Thank you.

I read online that this insurance company manages almost every cell phone company; what a monopoly and no wonder they are not customer focused.

Directly after filing this claim (Oct 21, 2018) I began to receive SCAM calls and voice mail to my cell iPhone. One call [protected] Hyattsville, MD (Oct 24, 2018) went directly to voice mail, it did not record on incoming calls. How does this happen? They threatened that my SSN may have been compromised and if I didn't phone back I would accept the consequences of my inaction. Two other calls [protected] Waltham, MA (both on Nov 3, 2018) voicemail identified as AT&T wireless account verification department stating my account had been suspended for verification and I needed to reactivate (press 1) or contact AT&T and speak to a representative (press 2).

Coincidence, perhaps; however, it seems unlikely. I had never received these type of calls prior to dealing with this insurance claim. Please look into this. It is incredibly annoying, disconcerting and could compromise those who are vulnerable to these devious attempts.

A satisfied AT&T customer for many years

Nov 5, 2018

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