AT&T Tech Support / horrendous service, unwillingness to help simple issue, #ty filipino idiots

Florida, NY, United States

At&t tech support is the worst. I dont know why these ###s outsource to these psychos in the philippines. Basically... At&t just suspended my account for no reason. So my internet stopped. I tried to reset my modem and then tried to put in my password but it was incorrect, so I called in to get a new password. Of course I got some filipino reject at the filipino call center... They all sound the same, same accent totally ###ed, incompetent ridiculous stupid imbeciles. I was on the phone for two hours with a ###ed idiotic filipino wench who claimed that my issue was escalated to the engineering department (Rofl). My account was suspended.. No one knew why, then they couldnt figure out my user name... And couldn't reset my password. Wow... Wow wow is all I can say... This was a total nightmare. Talking to endless numbers of idiot filipinos who had no clue what they were talking about will keep you on the phone for hours for no reason incompetent nutjobs. The same crazy women... It was the worst experience possible. We had to talk to about 15 different people before finding some american with half a brain. Then, I had three people idiots call the me the next day. My mother had to call 10 different numbers previously... This again was worst than a nightmare. They couldnt resolve a simple simple issue... This was tech support??? What if someone has a real issue??? This is the worst tech support ever and why do all these piece of [censored] companies outsource to these absolutely ###ed brain dead filipinos fuking cheap labor rejects??? These companies are horrible to do that??? They pay cheap prices to get bad service to their customers??? The filipinos are the worst and every company has these ###s working for them??? Why cant they work for filipino companies and use their incompetency there??? Why do you stupid companies have to subject us to these idiotic incompetent brain dead filipinos??? That was the worst experience ever!!! Finally we talkde to an american with a brain who helped solve the issue right away... And I talked to another american who gave me my password right away... >the filipino rejects would still be escalating the issue to the engineering team... What are you paying these ###ed idiots for at&t to [censored] with your customers???

Stay away from at&t and all the stupid idiotic filipino trash they hire!!!

Mar 18, 2013

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