ATT / overbilling

IN, United States

In June, 2011, when we were planning our move from Alexandria, Indiana, to Mooresville, Indiana, I contacted ATT to transfer our phone and Internet services. After going through the whole process and documenting everything, we moved. Then to our dismay, ATT started charging us for breaking a contract and starting new service. After several months of trying to resolve this with ATT, I resorted to posting the problem on Internet sites for complaints. That finally got quick results. Kathy, ATT customer relations appeals and escalation team, contacted me and corrected the problem.

Now, when we just moved again from Mooresville to Hartford City, Indiana, the same old problem arose. ATT is once again charging me $150.00 for breaking a contract, although the contract from Alexandria had expired. The strange thing is that they just paid me a check for $117.97 to finally pay me up for the overcharges of last year!

I have twice called Kathy, ID #VS3264, on April 16 and again on April 27, leaving detailed messages each time. I have provided her the case number from last year to reference. I have not received any response thus far, thus I am posting the same continuing problem on this Internet compliant site. It seems that is the ONLY way to get a response from the giant, impersonal ATT corporation. If they would just treat their customers fairly and respond to them, this would not be necessary.

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