AT&T Mobility / unauthorized debits

TN, United States

*Disclaimer* All info presented below is not 100% correct due to the length of timing for this incident. Only going by memory and notes.

Starting at the beginning, On December 21, 2009 my checking account with Regions Bank went thru Bank Fraud. The next day, I filed a police report and shut the account down with the exception of deposits. All transactions from that day was set up with my new account at Regions Bank.

On December 28, 2009. I received a anonymous debit posted to the fraud account for the amount of $10.00 The person speaking in behalf of AT&T could not find any information in there OPUS system that leads them to believe that there was actually a $10.00 charge. But after about an hour of speaking to a region banker, AT&T finally gave in and refunded me the $10.00 within 24 hours. I was told by the AT&T representative that they were sorry that this happened. That it wouldn't happen again. And would start a case for the problem. I contacted AT&T thereafter and the case was closed do to insufficient data.

On January 27, 2010 I received another anonymous debit of 20.00 This time instead of calling the 1-800 number at AT&T or speaking to my banker, I decided to go to the AT&T store. There I spoke to a AT&T representative and/or retail agent. He was very sorry for the trouble that I have been thru and worked with me to get the situation back in order. AT&T again couldn't find anything in there OPUS system that leads them to believe that there was an actual debit coming from my account using my old debit card that has been destroyed and removed from the regions database. The representative at the AT&T store wrote a email to his Assistant Manager and Manager. He also told me be expecting a phone call between Feb 5 thru Feb 10 from AT&T so they can receive the information regarding my past checking account. I told the representative at AT&T to tell them not to call before 3 PM central time as I am working until that time.

On February 5, 2010 a representative called me around 9 AM telling me that I need to call them by NOON on that day to resolve the issue. I got off work at 2:30 PM and after listening to my voicemail, called her back and left a detailed message to call me back. 2 days later and no response. I called again. No answer but in her voicemail she stated if she doesn't call back within 2 business days to contact two other people she listed on her voicemail. I called those two and neither answer. I left both of them a detailed message. And didn't recieve a response from either of them.

On Feb 9, 2010 I called the 1-800 number at AT&T again and spoke to a AT&T business representative. She told me that the case was closed, again due to insufficient data.

Today is the 10 of February, 2010 and the issue remains. I have not been credited nor have been told any information as to why this has happened. AT&T either can't find a answer or doesn't want to. Plus this latest debit took away from my sons disability check. So my son will be not going to some of his appointments as we cannot fund them without that money, or add the needs of food, etc. This is the first out of many actions I will be taking in order to resolve the issue but also get compensated on for myself and my son for this situation.

I am filing a complaint with AT&T Mobility, only to whom it concerns. Note: At the end of today February 10, 2010 this letter will be sent to the Better Business Bureau as a complaint. If these actions are not resolved by the end of February, further actions will be taken.

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