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AT&T / mobile phone service

1 Bloomington, IN, United States

On July 29th I went to AT and T in College Mall, Bloomington IN to get a local SIMcard for my three week stay in the US. I come from Switzerland at least twice a year and have used At and T for my visits for the last 7 years. I brought my small Nokia phone which I have had since 2010 but which still works very well. I was given a new simcard for $5 and a plan costing $30 for a month's service with unlimited calls and texts. At no time was anything said about the possible incompatibility of my phone which is now 7 years old. The new SIMcard was put in the phone, but it was not picking up the network . I know that this can take some time, and I had an appointment, so I said I would wait and see if the phone would connect to the network and come back later if there was a problem. As it turned out, my phone was successfully connecting to "a" network with my Swiss SIMcard in it, but there was no signal with the AT and T SIMcard. I went back today, July 30th, to ask what the problem was. NOW I was told that AT and T has suppressed "2G " since I was last here in February and my phone is not compatible. I am the customer, not the technician, I have never heard of 2G until today. I expect professional service and that includes recognizing the basic model of the phone I have brought in and informing me that the plan I am intending to purchase will not work with that phone. I pointed this out to the manager. I requested a refund. He refused point blank and just kept repeating platitudinously and obstinately that there is no guarantee that a service will work, that this service has been provided to me anyway, and once the SIMcard is in the phone it is too late to refund the money--even though I have obviously not made a single call. Plus, I know perfectly well that the number I have been allocated can, and will, be reassigned to someone else when I leave after 3 weeks. All that has happened is that a little piece of plastic has been detached from a card and put into my phone. Well, your manager stonewalled and hung on to my $35 plus tax and maybe he will get a promotion one of these days, but this is totally unfair and unacceptable and I will not be using AT and T again. Your manager suggested I purchase another phone for $50 to resolve the problem. The very same phone is available right next door at Best Buy for $25. I had wasted so much time already with this tiresome story and I have too busy a schedule here to muck around any more with all this, so I felt I had no choice but to go ahead and purchase the phone at Best Buy--- by the way the phone comes with a SIMcard included in the price so now I have not just one SIMcard but a useless second one. The phone itself will also be useless to me three weeks from now when I return to Switzerland since it is locked. I am thoroughly irritated by this incident. AT and T absolutely owes me a refund for the careless and incompetent service. The only goal is to make money apparently.

Jul 30, 2017

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